Tonight, You Dine On Incredible Concept Art

Today is a finer day than usual here on Fine Art, because we're looking at not just one of my favourite concept artists in the world, but one of my favourite artists.

Thomas Pringle has worked for some of the biggest companies in video games, including the likes of Sony, 2K, Capcom, Eidos, Sledgehammer and THQ. He's also worked with Disney, the BBC, Blur and Matrix creators The Wachowskis.

What I love about Pringles work is that it's so real. His sci-fi and fantasy landscapes aren't abstract templates, they're complex, dirty places, full of history and life. When the old cliche says a picture tells a thousand words, many of Pringles pieces tell a thousand stories.

You can see more of Thomas' amazing work at his personal site.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists.


    While I really love the art in these articles, I'm consistently disappointed by the minute resolutions. I want images which are megabytes each! Preferably more than 10!

      yeh i want them as wallpapers and print out for at least A3

        I'd be happy with 1920x1080 res

    ^All you lot: Track down the artist and offer to pay for them, dammit!

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