Tony Hawk Is About To Head To The Airport

I haven't had the chance to check out the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, but let's just say I was disappointed with the disappointment of others. At some point I fully intend to give it a good ol' Aussie fair go (I just wrote that sentence didn't I). Maybe the introduction of my all time favourite Tony Hawk's level, Airport, will do the trick.

But I'd like to put it out to you guys and girls — is nostalgia for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater enough to overcome all the flaws I've been hearing/reading about in reviews? Part of me would really love to have another Skate around Airport for old time's sake. But I don't want to risk those cherished memories...

Should I give it a go regardless?


    What negativity do you speak of Mark? I've heard good things about it, and only bad things from those who seem too young to have played the original 2.

    I was re-playing THPS2 earlier this year after seeing the man himself live, god was it so good to finally witness Tony Hawk pull off some awesome tricks 5 metres from where I was standing.

    Still waiting for the PC release of this, still no idea when we're getting it other than we are =(

    Just leave it alone, Mark. It might not tarnish the old memories but it will feel like a pale immitation.
    This whole game just made me mad, if you're gonna pay homage or try to recreate one of the best games of all time you damn well better make sure you get it right.
    This feels like a low budget, bare bones, time constrained mess and it was always gonna be that way without Neversoft at the helm.
    Hands down my biggest gaming disappointment of the year.

      I agree with those points.

      Of course, not having Chicago in it was the biggest travesty of all.

    I didn't enjoy it as fondly as I remember playing THPS1 & 2 on my PC waaay back in the day, but it's a fun diversion. Music gets a bit grating though - not that it's bad, just there aren't many tracks so amazingly it's even possible to get sick of hearing Goldfinger's "Superman" after the 30th time.

      I just want to add though that once you do get into it, you start to suffer that "one more turn" syndrome. I know I can beat that run. I know I'll get the set of five macguffins this time. I can totally nail that jump. Ooh, I can nearly afford another upgrade! Your life, disappearing 2 minutes at a time.

        Just how I remember THPS2 =P

    It's not quite as good an experience as the originals were. They've changed some of the fundamental mechanics, such as landing further down a vert ramp, and making tricks not land in the same way that they landed in the originals. One of the best examples is the good old Chris Air. In THPS1&2, you needed to land with your body side-in to the ramp, with your skateboard held out towards it. However in the HD version, you land with your body facing towards the ramp, with your skateboard out to the side. It's such a silly change. Tricks that you could once land perfectly have had their perfect landing zones shifted for no reaosn whatsoever.

    While I enjoyed it, I doubt I'll be coming back to it much. It's just not as good as the originals.

    So is Airport actually coming to THPSHD now or something? If so, when, and for how much? I've played though the whole game now and would really like to see some more levels included in the game.

    my problem with the game is that it seems the physics is broken. im constantly getting stuck in things, or the camera freaks out.
    i guess the thing with nostalgia is that you rememeber the good things. im not sure if that stuff was there in the original... unfortunatly my dreamcast is now a plant holder so i cannot retry the old ones...

    Just searched around and found both Airport and Los Angeles will be released in a DLC pack for $5 (whatever that price will equate to locally is another thing). Along with the two THPS3 levels, an exclusive revert move will be included in the package.

    I'm with you, Mark, I'm avoiding this game like the plague - simply because I don't think it could possibly live up to my expectations.
    And those expectations are actually incredibly low. I remember unlocking Warehouse in THPS: 3, or 4, on PS2, and was ludicrously excited to see how the level looked in what was, back then, "HD". And while it looked good, those older levels just weren't designed with all of the new tricks in mind. Reverts, manuals, etc just ruined the nostalgia because the levels were totally boring. None of the old trick lines were worth a damn because you could just manual off the end and start again. The original Warehouse's main trick line was around the back of the level, and the key to huge scores was mixing up which tricks you used and making sure you had four successful attempts with different grinds and transfers in each. A million points was difficult, but not impossible - and this precision, and non-existent margin for error, was completely missing from the updated version of the level.
    This is the main reason I'm avoiding the HD re-release - level design vs gameplay. The two are, as far as I'm concerned, no longer compatible.

    I bought it cuz I was looking for a skateboarding game and although you have Skate 3 which is good (well the demo was anyway) I still appreciate the simplicity of Tony Hawk's controls and my kids seem to like Hawk way better than Skate. Just as a disclaimer I've never played the original Tony Hawk games having missed that whole craze in my 20s so I have no preconceptions about it.

    My main beef with the game is that there's only seven levels!

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