Transform Your Phone Into A PlayStation

When games aren't designed explicitly for touch screens, from the ground up, I tend to pass. This means I've missed out on top notch ports such as Grand Theft Auto III. No matter how well implemented the controls are, I find it difficult to play these games without being completely conscious of the controls. Players have had the ability to use SIXAXIS controllers to play games on Android for a while now, but that remained a little tricky and cumbersome. Until the GameKlip.

I love this thing. The GameKlip is one of those things that just seems totally obvious. So obvious I don't understand why it hasn't been done until this point. Really, it's just a piece of plastic, but that piece of plastic just solves so many issues with connecting a controller to a phone. I'm cursed with an iPhone at the moment, but if I had an Android phone I'd almost certainly pick one of these things up.

Thanks Gizmodo!


    The idea is cool.. but realistically, if I'm going to the effort to use a controller yada yada, I want to play it on my console.. not my phone :\

      Depends how long you spend on public transport each day, really.

      I thought Sony had the right idea with the Xperia Play, but it was let down by being underpowered compared to other Android phones at the time. Something of a similar standard to the Samsung Galaxy S3 with gaming controls I would buy in a heartbeat.

    Too bad I have a HTC and PS3/Wii controllers won't play nice with Sense :(

    3 Hour round trip for me each day...very tempting bought a HTC One xl on the weekend, dont have a mini to micro usb cable on me though to test it out...

    awesome idea! Very temping to buy one

    If you could use this for Android tablets I would be all ears.

      he's in the process of making one for 7" tablets.

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