Turning Up The Gamma And Brightness In DayZ Is Cheating. Or Is It?

In a world lacking morality, these two DayZ players argue over whether turning up the gamma and brightness in a game is cheating.

Personally, I don't think it is. But that's just me, not wanting to squint at my screen for hours. I already do that enough during the workday.


    Rocket said that he is okay with metagaming.

    So its not.

      You're only cheating yourself :)

        Cheating yourself line doesn't work with online play. A lot people hack online games and try to make it as easy as possible and couldn't care less if the other person is playing normal. In my opinion the brightness up is just like lowering the difficulty. Kinda.

          I turn up my gamma and brightness. It was just a cheeky response :P

        if I didn't turn my gamma up last night I would have been wandering around in the dark for 3 hrs.... in the end I was still walking around in circles till I found a road that lead to a town then realised I had spent 20mins going in the wrong direction.... *sigh* I wish I would find a map and GPS in game

          That sucks, things will get better once you learn how to orient yourself. I use a combination of a map on my second monitor from dayzdb and a compass in game.

          Even without a compass, I just use landmarks in cities to find north and go from there.

          It is difficult, but persist and you can do it.

    It's not cheating. On a night server, turning up the gamma still makes the game look like it's at night. Sure it probably gives you slightly better sight than it should at night...
    BUT - the game's night mode is impossible to play on without night vision gear. The flashlight is useless because it only lights up a tiny spot on the floor in front of you and anything directly outside that circle of light is pitch black. There is no soft light transition, or gradients or reflections. Also the player's eye sight doesn't adjust at all. If it's pitch black in a field with the stars and moon beaming down, then it will stay that way. There is literally no way to play at night without night vision gear.

      Full moon lit nights are great to play on. Everything is lit up and clearly defined and zombies barely see you. On those pitch black nights chemlights are great as they do not attract zombies and appear as glowing dots for a few meters out to other players.


    I don't think you can really call it a cheat, maybe an exploit. It's definitely not the way Rocket intended the game to be played. The players are given multiple artificial light sources.

    Who cares what others think, i turn mine up

    Everquest... night time... nuff said

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