Two Mirandas, Catwoman And A Black Widow Walk Into A Bar...

And...look, I'd finish that with a punchline, but I've been distracted by somebody cosplaying the lights out as Zelda's washed-up sailor, Linebeck.

Those mentioned and more are the stars of this latest instalment of Fancy Pants, our regular look back at the best of the past week in cosplay.

Fancy Pants is a look at the world of cosplay (costume play), where people dress up as their favourite video game characters. Sometimes it works! Sometimes it...yeah.

As seen on Stealthos-Aurion.

As seen on LiquidCocaine-Photos.

As seen on yayacosplay.

As seen on Karenscarlet.

As seen on kimberlystudio.

As seen on ThresherMaw.

As seen on plastic-anime.

As seen on Vladimir-Holstinin.

As seen on xHee-Heex.

As seen on commanderholly.


    "And…look, I’d finish that with a punchline, but I’ve been distracted by somebody cosplaying the lights out as Zelda’s washed-up sailor, Linebeck."

    Hey everybody, we have a comedian in the house! Go on, finish the punchline. I wan't to know what witty line you came up with. ???

    wow, flarking love that linebeck one. i want to visit him in my train and stop at his house just before the maps switch over so i can find his ancient lost family treasure.

    The first Miranda is gorgeous, but the second is SPOT ON.

    This just gets me excited.........for Supanova

    It'd be great if the pictures were labelled with what character is in each of them.

    Also that Linebeck is amazing.

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