Ubisoft Launches Their Own PC Gaming Client, And Is Selling Some Games For $1 To Get You To Try It

Not one to be left behind by the likes of EA , Ubisoft officially launched their uPlay client for PC today.

Like Origin, it acts not only as a storefront to Ubisoft's games, but also as a universal launcher for them. It also ties into uPlay's existing currency and reward features, and links a player's Ubi profiles across all platforms (consoles, Facebook, PC, and mobile) into a single app. Given how uPlay rewards accumulate across games, it may actually be quite handy.

To motivate gamers into having a look, however, Ubisoft's plan is to bribe you with cheap games. This week, they're offering a series of $US1 deals through the service's store: Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 today, From Dust on Friday, Silent Hunter 5 on Saturday, and Driver: San Francisco on Sunday. They're also throwing a big sale on a bunch of other games, with some fairly steep discounts. If you'd been waiting to catch up on the Assassin's Creed games, there could be worse times to get started.

And of course, uPlay for PC is also more than happy to point you to a number of Ubisoft free-to-play games, and places where you can redeem your reward points. You can download the uPlay client from Ubi's uPlay site.


    I knew of this deal yesterday so HAWX2 is over for those of you just finding out about it now :(.

    You can enter 10THANKYOU to get 10% off the $1 games to make them 90cents. Groooovy! (it might work on the other ones but I haven't tried)

      Damn! I would totally have picked up HAWX if it was that cheap. Well, maybe I'll get From Dust and Driver: San Francisco. Then again, will I actually play them? Is it worth having uPlay on my system? Ehh...

        Yeah those 2 were the ones I'm after, well mainly Driver: SF but for $1.80 I'm not really fussed :)

          You can still access these deals if you use a proxy. I just got HAWX2 for $1 by using a USA IP proxy :D

    Urgh another client to have installed just to play my games? Yeah no

      ^ This. I've got Origin and Steam already installed. I don't wanna end up with too many clients :\

        This is exactly the reason so many people were against Origin in the first place.

        Next thing you know we're going to have "COD'R'US, Your only destination for all things COD 24 hours a day 7 days a week with a 5 dollar price jack on the DLC, Oh and we'll spy on your computer just for shits and giggles"

          Indeed. I'm ok with competition in the market place, infact I'm not even anti-Origin, it is what it is. But it's now already at the point where everyone wants their own platform. Ubi sells their shit through Steam already, does this mean they'll pull it off there like EA did?

    I actually laughed out loud.

    The combination of horrendous DRM & terrible technical support has me lose interest in Ubisoft almost completely.

    I've got Steam. I've got a nice steam library. I am not going to have multiple clients to play video games. I'm going to keep using Steam and if a game requires another client then I will not play it. (Mass Effect 3 is really the breaking point for this however).

    I get a BSOD each time I try and launch a game off of it. I've been contacting Ubisoft tech help and they reckon its something wrong with my graphics card. But I don't get a BSOD in any other situation, wtf!

    I'll need to wait until after work to verify this, but I'd assume that the client is just an extension of the application that they've been building up for a while now. So anyone worried about 'another client', if you've been playing ubisoft games, you've probably already got it installed. I'm interested to see what changes to the UI there are, but I'm curious to see if they've removed the 'Buy our games on steam' ads they put up a few weeks ago.


    Steam players don't want Ubisoft titles anymore? Make wn digital download platform instead.. because it worked so well for EA afterall.

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