Valve Has Been Teasing A Secret Robot Army For Over Two Years Now

Valve's announcement of a new "Mann vs Machine" game mode for Team Fortress 2 didn't just come out of the blue. It didn't even have its hat tipped over the weekend.

No, the studio that does crowd-teasing like no other has been building up to this moment for over two years.

The history of the update's promotion has been catalogued over on this Reddit post, which shows the build-up to Team Fortress 2's biggest update in years began all the way back in May 2010, with the release of the "Meet the Engineer" update. In the first 15 seconds there are several glimpses of robot heads, at the time seemingly harmless but now revealed to be the skulls of two of the game's new robot foes.

The paper-trail continues through the release of new maps (with hidden rooms containing clues to the impending robot army), updated game files containing further clues and even hidden links on the game's website.

It's exhaustive. If you needed further explanation as to why there's no impending Valve game with a "3" in the title, it's because they're all too busy being funny-buggers with the code to a game that's nearly five years old.

Everything we know about Man versus Machine, and the ARG. [Reddit]


    Valve = God

    Eh, I wouldn't say it's been in the works for years. It's more like it was an idea that was scrapped ages ago, or the robot heavy head was just a funny prop they had in the background.

      Or it's been in the works for years and you just weren't aware of it til now...

        People reuse scrapped ideas, references etc. I think people are giving them too much credit to suggest it's "been in the works for 2 years" as if they were building up t this one moment with subtle clues and hints, versus them just going >horde mode >robot AI (cos it's much easier to reuse the current bot AI than make completely new robots and AI). The red engineer was probbaly trying to replace his own teammates with mechanical versions and since they had a Heavy robot head just sitting there they used that as a basis.

        I'm sure there are quite a few items (the Quick-Fix, for example, which I think which was originally the overhealer) that have been in-game and in the beta for years. I don't think it was some big "oh my god they've building up to this!" moment when they finally figured that out. So no, call me cynical or slow or whatever, but I don't think this has been 2 years in the making.


      The go to place for a slow news day. even has been guilty of posting articles from reddit lately.

        hahahahaha yes, I've been linking and bitching about it elsewhere haha.

    There's actually some stuff that's been implemented long before 2010.
    Gray Gravel Co. has been featured in Gravel Pit map since it was added to the game.

    The details about the secret rooms is just amazing which means it has been in the works for some time...

    Its amazing how well Valve keep everything tight lipped

    So...this could mean HL3 could be somewhere....being teased....and we haven't noticed
    *tin foil hat*

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