Video All But Confirms SSX Is Getting Head-to-Head Multiplayer—Six Months After Release

A series of not-so-subtle Tweets and screenshots on Thursday hinted that SSX, which launched in February, will be getting true head-to-head online multiplayer races in the next title update. This video, released yesterday by EA Sports, practically confirms it.

You can see the screen advising that the race will start once there are two participants saying they're ready, with the ghosted forms of whoever isn't local standing at the door of the helicopter. Then three riders go out all at once.

The lack of true online multiplayer was a turnoff for many fans. While post-release support on this level is commendable, one wonders how much good it will do this far from release.

A previous teaser video suggested that a freeride mode and the classic "Merqury City" course from the original SSX would also be making an appearance in the same title update.


    They would get a purchase from me if they add MP!

    The horse has already snowboarded. Leaving out so many multiplayer aspects of SSX would have been like selling a FPS without projectiles.

    Seriously, what has happened to split-screen multiplayer?

    *Online* mulitplayer? Thanks, but no thanks.

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