Video Game Heroes Try To Convince Kids To Read In These Cool Fan Posters

If your school library was anything like mine, then it had a ring of old posters around the perimeter, high on the wall where no librarian could reach to change them, trying to convince children that reading is cool.

I was a voracious reader, but I never did like those posters. (Half of them featured sports celebrities who had been traded away from local teams before I was even born.) I might have liked them better if they were like these. One Reddit user helped out his girlfriend, a middle school librarian, by putting together these posters for her library.

I still can't spell Ratonhnhaké:ton without looking it up, but I think he's my favourite of the three. And not just for the "Assassins Read" pun. Well, OK, mostly for the pun.

My girlfriend is a middle school librarian, she asked me to make some video game themed posters for the library [Reddit]


    Looking forward to "I have no eyes and I must read"

    A bit lazy for not using real titles.

    Gordon Freeman? "Stephen Hawking - A Brief History of Time".
    Assassins' Creed? Any popular book from the era he's in (multiple times after all).
    Borderlands? Singed copies of any popular 20th or 21st Century title. Except Twilight novels.

      And why is my comment being moderated? There's nothing requiring censorship. :P

    So the second one should be called: Borders-Land and the last: Counting to 2 with your friend Gaben

      Cute, but a Borders joke would fall flat outside the US. Much like if I talked about stores called Tandy and Hungry Jack's you'd blink and go "Who?"
      (Aussie editions of Radio Shack and Burger King. The names were taken here.)

        There were Borders stores in New Zealand and Australia. Well at least in Sydney in Australia. I'm pretty sure Border's was an international company.

        Also, there used to be both a Burger King and a Hungry Jack's down George St!

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