Video Game Makers Aren't Your Friends. But If They Were...

Dorkly breaks down the major players of the video gaming industry by commonly understood archetypes. I would have figured Activision for your gun-obsessed weightlifter friend who drives a 1989 Celica and listens to the Iron Eagle soundtrack .

Valve, Blizzard, Bethesda, Sega, Microsoft, Zynga and others are at the link.

Videogame Companies Are Your Friends [Dorkly]


    Valve=best friend, funny and genrous.

      Value is a friend at school who suddenly goes missing for a couple of years and returns haha

    I'm not sure that's how I feel about all those companies, but those were rather humorous.

      Valve is the asshole who tells you he's got this awesome new thing and no you can't see it.

    That's just awesome. Love it!!!! Zynga one is so true lol.

    Valve was a cat - loyal, friendly and the Internet loves him

      Also very high-maintainance and demanding.

    I like the added touch of Microsoft's pose.

    I like the Valve cat lol

    But cats aren't actually loyal once you have problems...Oh wait that fits Valve perfectly.

    Nintendo would be the friend that completely ignores and neglects you until they need something from you.

      ... Why?

    I pictured EA more like this:

    Offers you a drink
    Asks for money
    Returns with empty glass
    Says water costs extra

    I liked them all except Valve. Valve is like your friend who is forever stuck in 2004. He loves playing and modding games from 1998-2004 but for unknown reasons, has never progressed to anything newer. Could be due to him opening his own video game store, and his obsession with virtual hats.

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