Wait, They Were Serious About Rambo: The Video Game?

I know Reef Entertainment announced last year that they'd be making video games based on the Rambo series. I read it here. It registered in my consciousness. Last month, when the company announced the game would be making an appearance at GamesCom in Germany, my mind kind of skipped over it, like it wasn't a real thing. Now we've got screenshots, and not only is Rambo: The Video Game real, it doesn't look half bad.

It's just scenery shots, for now, but damn if they haven't captured the look and feel of the scenery from First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II and Rambo III, the gigs that would eventually lead to Sylvester Stallone starring in a video game we reviewed not a half-hour ago.

Now what we need is for the developers to use the Rambo from the animated series in these detailed environments, and we'll have the best PC and console game ever.


    I'm expecting some real innovation from this.

    I bet this is a quick time event game which telltale pump out lately like Back to the Future and Zombie one.

    Also having "The Video Game" gives me the impression of poor quality so my bets are on QTE game.

    Nothing can beat Rambo the arcade game.
    Shoot everything dead. When you run out of ammo shoot off-screen to reload.
    It's like I'm really him.

    Make it like Metal Gear Solid 3!

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