Want 800 Pages Of Metal Gear? How About Metal Gear Tights?

Today, at the 25th anniversary event for Metal Gear, Konami showed off a slew of Metal Gear related goods. Some of them you might want. Some, you might not.

There was the usual array of gaming T-shirts (here, a collaboration between Uniqlo and Konami) as well as the more unusual: Metal Gear tights. They are heat tech tights, so you bet that they'll keep you warm as you sneak about in the snow! There were also other goods like a Metal Gear lunch box, mobile phone trinkets and stickers — oh, and a limited edition watch.

For the collector, there was also a limited edition set of art books: The Art of Metal Gear Solid: Gallery Works and The Art of Metal Gear Solid: Studio Works. The set is serialised to 2500 only and features a detailed look at the creative and artistic process that goes into bringing Metal Gear Solid to life. The set also comes with the "scenario books" for the Metal Gear games. In total, you get over 800 pages of Metal Gear.

If you are interested in purchasing a set, note that you must first register for a raffle — if selected, then you can buy a set!

MG25th Items [Konami]


    I'm heartbroken those art books are not being mass produced. Hopefully I can get my hands on the Raiden figure though.

    Good work Konami. Release awesome merchandise and then restrict it only to the Konami.jp store which only ships to Japan.

    So where do we apply?

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