Warhammer Slaughters Its Way From The Tabletop To The Handheld

Games Workshop's vintage tabletop series Warhammer is trying once again to leave a memorable impression on the video game world, this time with a mobile title called Warhammer Quest.

While its sci-fi sibling 40K has had a number of high-profile success stories, the original fantasy series has struggled when it comes to digital entertainment, with its last two titles (excluding the Blood Bowl spinoffs) — Warhammer Online and Mark of Chaos — not exactly remember as classics.

Things might be different this time around, though, as the developers behind Warhammer Quest are Rodeo Games, who made Hunters, which is a cracking iOS strategy title, one obviously owing a lot in terms of mechanics to Games Workshop's designs.

Giving Rodeo a Warhammer game, then, seems a natural fit. Hopefully they can do the franchise some justice!

Warhammer Quest will be out in Q2 2013, for the iPhone and iPad.


    It's a little amazing that no one has made a proper tabletop rpg using the iPad to make things easier.

    Android please

      to add to my earlier comment: or other tablets; I just naturally mention the one I have.

      The developers are already experienced with writing for iOS devices. It makes sense to start there. I'm sure it'll get ported if it's deemed worthwhile. They've already said they're looking to bring the codices and other articles to Android. iOS was simply a better fit initially because iBooks is so easy to write for, and Android doesn't really have a similar offering.

      I think Android would see so many more games if it was less balkanised.

    Used to play the WHQ game ad nauseum, fun to play with a couple of beers. Easy to play and fast action.

      Yep that's a lot of the problem. The user experience is completely different going from device to device. Not to mention the fact that Android has massive market share because you can pick up a piece of shit $99 Android phone, even if it's running Froyo (or worse) and barely any apps work.

        Crap, meant to reply to McGarnical, sorry.

    Cant wait for this to hit android, IMA HERO QUEST MY BUTT OFF!

    I'm shocked nobody has asked for Space Hulk in these comments yet. SPAAAACE HULLLKKK

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