Was The $30,000 Video Game Sale A Fake?

Was The $30,000 Video Game Sale A Fake?

The strange story of a collector buying a very rare Neo Geo game at an airport for $US30,000 just got a whole lot stranger: there are now accusations that the cartridge is a fake. A forgery. A hoax.

Members of the Neo Geo collector’s community have been picking at the story for a while now, and a wall of supposed evidence has been presented claiming to show the game, of which there are meant to be only three US copies in the world, isn’t the real deal.

This “evidence” comes in the form of a close examination of the game’s packaging, revealing a number of inconsistencies in areas like fonts, text spacing and the format of images used.

That, however, is just the start. Members of the forum, which is very tight-knit, have been tracking back and looking at the history of the seller, and in addition of accusing him of faking this game, say that other members of the community have colluded with him to trick buyers into thinking he’s offloading legitimate games, when he’s doing nothing of the sort.

We’ve contacted the original buyer of the cart for his thoughts on the matter, and will update if we hear back.

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