Watch A Live Stream Of Sleeping Dogs Here

Watch A Live Stream Of Sleeping Dogs Here

If you’re as anxious as I am to get your hands — er, eyes — on Sleeping Dogs, you can watch the folks over at Machinima play through the game live, right here.

Personally, I’m going to ignore everything about this game since it’s currently sitting snug in my bag waiting to be opened and devoured.


  • It looks to suffer from AC syndrome. Only 1 badguy will mainly attack you (the guy you target) and the others not ‘engaged’ will do the occasional cheap shot. This doesn’t lead to very frantic fights. Hope this isn’t indicative of the final product. Each video I see gets me less and less excited. The car driving looked bad, yet the bike handling looks pretty good, the fluidity of the fighting wasn’t very good, though the actual motion was very well done. For every definite minus there’s a definite plus. The shooting looked average. Yet not any worse than the GTA series, and if I can put up with Saints Rows shooting combat, well… I’ll give it a try but at this point I’m not chomping at the bit for it.

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