Watch Me (Poorly) Play TF2's New Mann Vs. Machine Mode

Team Fortress 2's long awaited Mann vs. Machine update launched yesterday and so far it's been a mixed bag. As Mike Fahey mentioned earlier today, matchmaking is an unplayable mess, due to the sheer demand and a lack of community servers. Hopefully that will be resolved in the coming days, but in the meantime you can still play the mode directly, using the server list.

And that's exactly what I did!

The video above is from the last wave of a match I played earlier today. As you can see, they've significantly revamped the system to include perks. Near the end, my Engineer's turret was a monster.

Oh, and a word of advice: Beware those sentry busters. They pack a wallop.

P.S. I am aware that I suck.

P.P.S. In retrospect, Engineer was a poor choice for video.


    tried to played it last night, couldn't be bothered with the waiting time of 42 mins


      Use the server browser

        it doesnt help that many people still haven't removed bots from their servers, and still have maxplayers above 12 players (and even 12 is way too high,)

          1. You DO need 32 players to host MvM (6 players and...
          2. 26 bots) The BOTS are actually the BLU team aka ROBOTS. MvM is basically payload vs bots

      Yeah, this comment is pretty stupid.

      I seriously don't understand people who don't use the server browser. Are they really too lazy to have to do 3 clicks instead of 1?

        Maybe they were in the same situation as I was and was trying to play with a group of friends

          I actually didn't know you could use the server browser for this game mode... so yeah, now I know

    terrible video player

    You need to find a server that has less than 6 players if you want a round.
    the Mann team is 6 players ONLY

    seems to make spies useless in this mode?

      Spies can sap bots, inflict massive damage on giants with backstabs, and have a much easier time of things in general because the bots don't spycheck ;)

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