Watch Resident Evil 6’s Totally Insane Agent Hunt Mode

Watch Resident Evil 6’s Totally Insane Agent Hunt Mode

What the heck… is going on here? I’m not sure if it’s the low brightness or odd camera angles, but I’m not super-impressed with this clip of Resident Evil 6‘s “Agent Hunt” gameplay. I guess I never imagined the Resident Evil series as an action-driven multiplayer game.

I’m going to stay positive and not pass final judgment until the game is released, but the bipedal melee combat in this video just looks… clunky and repetitive. I do like the idea of transforming into a death-dealing frilled-neck lizard, but I’m concerned the novelty would wear off quickly.

While I feel the refinements in the fourth and fifth games were done well, this just seems to be taking Resident Evil in a direction it doesn’t need to go. That said, I thought co-op in Resident Evil 5 was a mistake, but enjoyed the hell out of it — twice — when I finally played it, so I’m happy to be proven wrong.



  • You didn’t mention that this is part of the single player, allowing people online to take control of the AI enemies. It’s not like a multiplayer map, it’s like how it works in Dark Souls I guess. One person invades the single player game of another and tries their best to impede their progress.

  • The enemy controls need to be tankish. If the zombies could be controlled with the same fluidity as the hero characters, 2 vs 10 is going to be ludicrously imbalanced.

    • No they don’t, this isn’t deathmatch. The whole point is that human players infiltrate another players campaign by taking control of one of the A.I. characters. The advantage is that the hero players never know where or when a human controlled bad guy is gonna show up or what they look like.

      • I’m under the impression that you didn’t really understand my post. Not knowing who or where a human will be controlling an enemy is advantage already to the zombie player. I’m saying that if the zombies were as fluid as the heroes, the odds would be TOO stacked in the zombies favour, hence this is why it is appropriate for the zombies to have tankish controls.

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