Watch The Curiosity Mars Landing Live On Your Xbox This Weekend

The game that lets you try your own hand at landing the next Mars rover may not be as cool as advertised, but the real event probably will be. And the real event is coming up this weekend, with Curiosity scheduled to land on the Martian surface late Sunday night (or early Monday morning, depending on your time zone).

Xbox 360 owners can stream the high-tension landing live from the "Mars Rover" sections of their console dashboards. NASA TV will be broadcasting the full event, which to the scientists is as much of a nail-biter as anything can be, with

seven minutes of terror" during which Curiosity will descend from orbit to the planet's surface.

Science fiction is awesome, but real space exploration is even better. Here's hoping Curiosity's landing isn't terrifying at all.

Watch the Mars Rover landing on your Xbox 360 [Major Nelson]

Image: NASA


    I thought this was how about updating the article with Australian time zones...
    3:31pm AEST if that helps

      Awesome - just the info I was looking for! In the comments section,instead of the article...

    thanks marcel!

    anyone have any idea if there is a website that is also streaming it for those of us at work? Then go to NASA tv

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