Watch These Demos, Say Bye To Your Mind

Being perfectly honest, I know very little about the demoscene. I know that it's the process of making small computer programs that display incredible visuals and music in real time. That's about it. I also know it was the basis upon which music visualisations were created. People still make these things, and nowadays they look mindbogglingly amazing.

The annual Awards attempts to reward the folks that create these demos, and this years winner will be announced on August 3 in Helsinki, but I thought it might be worth showing you guys the nominees, because I've just watched through some of these videos and they are amazing.

Good luck to all the nominees. And good luck to the judges. I wouldn't want your job right now.

We Crave Sustenance



Numb Res

Shake Off The Dust

Human Traffic


    Of of the important details about the demoscene is that a lot of the visualisations are made with a particular quirk in mind, such as restricting themselves to only 8K of code, for instance. Such limitations spawned from the limited memory available in early PC's, and instead of waiting for raw computing power to render whatever detail you wanted, here it comes down to mindblowing programming and mathematical ability to create the visualisations [and accompanying audio]. is sponsored by Pixar, and a lot of the stuff these guys are doing is cutting edge in animation and rendering techniques, which are being used eventually in the entertainment industry, both movies/television and in video games.

    Wow... It looks great, but (at least the first one) it's way too busy, way too many after-effects and filters, combined with rapid changes in camera direction... I watched the first two minutes of the first one twenty minutes ago, and still feel nauseated. I'd love to be able to watch them, as I love the idea of the tech behind them, but I just... can't.

    Second Reality by future crew... 1993 video demo was mind blowing for it's day. The 10min clip (including audio) was all built into ~500k. Such a tight use of resources - and to see the YouTube clip of it at something like 9mb, even more impressive.

    Ever since seeing the Farbrausch 64k demo .the .product in about 2000 I've been constantly delighted by what these guys do in teeny tiny programs. The winner of this year's 64k prize is absolutely amazing.

    Then again some of the Amiga megademos were insane too.

    Love the demoscene - some people upgrade their PCs to play games, I want an upgrade so I can watch the latest demos from Farbrausch et al in all their glory.

    AFAIK most of these guys work in software, and many in animation/rendering, but are still passionate about the things they're doing to produce amazing works of art like this.

    spin melted my cortex...that is freaking amazing, 'specially the particle render of that guy running.

    far and away from what i used to see first when loading my 'offsite backup' of The Last Ninja

    I was a rabid demoscene fan back in the days of Amiga 500/1200, half the floppy disks I had were filled with demos! So many classics, so much art, audio and coding talent.

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