Watch This Man Try And Break The Mario 64 Speed Run Record, Live

This is happening right now! Mario 64 boss hog Siglemic, who actually holds a handful of other Mario speed run records, is now in the process of trying to reclaim his 120, full completion Mario 64 speed run record. You can watch it, live!

I've always appreciated and loved the skill involved in speed runs. I think it's part of the reason why I love Trials so much. But I find it particularly awesome to watch a guy like Siglemic play a video game I'm totally familiar with, and take things to the stratosphere. This is a very fun watch.


    No worries, for what I see in the chat right now it did not end well

    Nice, unfortunately don't have time to watch it now but hopefully it gets posted online later, might give it a watch over the weekend.

    here guys:

    How is that screenshot so lush and nice? N64 Rom?

      definetely. you can actually get it looking much better than that. Project64 does a nice job once you up the res, texture sampling, anti aliasing, etc...

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