We Love The World's First Post-Apocalyptic Competitive Eating Card Game

"The game is about eating and spewing and chewing and swallowing," game designer Zach Gage says in this beginning of this 25-minute video that features me and Evan Narcisse playing Gage's new card game Guts of Glory. With that, Gage led me and Evan through one of the most fun half-hours of gaming I've had this year.

Get yourself comfortable, find something to chew on (not a toaster! or a six-fingered glove!) and watch the titanic struggle between me and Evan, as we compete to chew our way though irradiated foodstuffs in order to achieve post-apocalyptic glory — thankfully all of that chewing and spewing done in the form of drawing and playing cards.

Who wins? Watch to find out. And don't be repulsed. This 2-4 player card game is wonderful.

Gage, who designed the very good iOS word game Spelltower, has shown Guts of Glory at a couple of gaming exhibitions, but this week, he's letting everyone get a chance to play it. To do that, he's launched a Kickstarter: $US25 for the physical version of the game; $US5 for one you can download and print. Gage is looking for $US25,000 to fund the project and produce the games; a day into his Kickstarter, he's nearly a third of the way there.

I should note that we weren't into this game just because of its premise. Guts of Glory is easy to learn but also very deep. As the video plays, you'll see how complex the strategy of eating, chewing, spewing and swallowing can be. We were playing with a limited deck that didn't even have all of the game's special cards, yet it was clear that there is a very good and nuanced system at the core of this game.

Consider this one highly recommended. We can't deny it, and you've got video proof of what a good time we had. But, then, who couldn't have fun debating whether to pretend, via the metaphor of playing cards, to spit a box of spiders into their friend's mouth?

Guts Of Glory: The Boardgame! [Kickstarter]


    Wait what? I'm going to have to watch the video of this

    A card game about Andrew Zimmern after he escaped from Vault 101?

    My little girl is in TKD so it's great to hear about other kids doing the same. My odlest child has no interest in any outside activity. We tried gymnastics for awhile but that didn't stick. She loves being home and writing so I'm taking that as her unique activity even though there aren't really lessons available for her.

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