Welcome Back, Rise Of The Triad, You've Been Missed

Perhaps the strangest news of the day, if not much longer, is that cult 90's shooter Rise of the Triad is getting a remake.

Considering a whole generation of gamers has now grown up likely not having played the thing, they're probably wondering, what's all the fuss about?

Here's what all the fuss is about.

• It had dual-wielding pistols! This was 1994-95, not 2004-05, so that was pretty great.

• The game's developers called themselves "The Developers of Incredible Power".

• Believe it or not, RotT was originally planned as an expansion pack for Wolfenstein. Hence the presence of a few WW2 weapons in an otherwise contemporary game.

• For the time (actually, also for this time), it was gory. So gory that, if you could chain enough exploding enemies together, you'd get congratulated with a "Ludicrous Gibs!" message.

• RotT was one of the first ever PC shooters to feature a large and robust multiplayer mode, with around 10 players supported.

• The game was designed by Tom Hall, a co-founder of id Software and a guy who would later also play a leading role on the original Deus Ex.


    That's awesome, I cant wait

    Wow, Rise of the triad, that takes me back. I remember playing this game in the school library, Librarian's had no clue how computers worked so you could install anything on them.

    Hey, I remember this. Dad used to have this, so of course whenever he went out, guess what we played? (Along with Doom, Wolfenstein, Duke Nuke 3d)

    Good old Dad :)

      Actually now I think about this, I seem to recall one of the bosses was a fat guy riding a flying metalic recliner that shot missiles.

        Yep... There was also a robot boss NME or Nasty Metallic Enforcer.

        I remember finding an easter egg, Scotts Mystical Head, the points it rewarded was the then Apogee phone number.

    This is still one of my favourite games of all time, i remember being 7 or 8 and discovering this game on my computer and i have been a fan of this game ever since.

    I absolutely cant wait for the remake to be released.

      I still remember the cheats, typing "dipstick" enabled the cheats, "chojin" was woundless with weapons and \EKG enabled "ludicrous Gibs" mode.

      Its amazing what the devs got out of the Wolfenstein 3d engine, iirc it was one of the first FPS games to feature destructible object, dynamic environmental lighting and level over level environments.

      I still think that this game is one of the underrated gems.

    one thing ive always wondered about RotT, are the enemies alien? I could never work out why, when you gibbed a bad guy, 3 skulls and 5 eyes would come flying at you

    That's gotta be the first use of bounce pads as well.

    I had completely forgotten this one. Brilliant game.

    Guys on their knees begging for mercy. Flame wall things making enemies skeletons, before collapsing in a comical heap. And I think this was the one where he wore a christmas hat in the loading screen if you played it on christmas day, and it also played a christmas tune.

    Went onto GoG to get the original and looked the through the screenshots. "You recovered a Drunk Missile" so it's impossible to fire? ;)

    I remember talking about this game with friends and simply referring to it as 'the one where you use two pistols'... that alone meant it was awesome.

    Was reading up on the game on Wikipedia, turns out that Scott Miller, Apogee founder, said that this was coming back in an '09 interview.


    "You Ate Some Priest Porridge"

    I remember installing this on the school network one afternoon. It quickly became the go to multiplayer game . It was all kinds of awesome.

    It wasn't *really* dual wielding, like in the Halo sense... but it was cool. I'm pretty pumped for the RoTT remake, I used to love that game... in fact I still have my original jewel case copy somewhere at home, would love to replay the original too.

    I loved this game, like most people it seems I installed a copy onto our class computer without the teacher ever finding out. Many lost hours.
    It's only when I watch this footage though that I realize how ahead of it time it was - I remember thinking that at the time (well ... thinking "you can't do that in Doom, that's awesome!") , but now I have a much better appreciation of how difficult that would have been at the time.
    I'd play a remake, definitely - but after the R18 has passed, please. Unless it's an indie PC project, in which case, tomorrow will do. .

    Asbestos armor! Oh so itchy!!!!

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