Well, That's One Way To Rip-Off Naive Gamers

I'm not one to bag pay-for Windows utilities, but a program called DNDstation from security firm Comodo deserves some attention. It's supposed to prevent apps that might "interfere or interrupt the game play". A 30-day trial is offered and you can buy a one-year subscription for $US5. But why would you when a simple registry tweak can do the same thing?

The tool's primary feature is the ability to stop programs grabbing focus from, or "popping" in front of any "OpenGL or DirectX" game. The thing is, this functionality can be enabled fairly easily with a registry tweak, specifically by altering the "ForegroundLockTimeout" value under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop".

Alternatively, just could just close any attention-seeking applications before you play.

To be fair, DNDstation offers to "tune the system resources to improve your gaming experience" and stop scheduled tasks from running while you play, which is nice, but hardly worth $US5 a year.

I'd liked to have tested the program, but the trial version kept crashing on start-up.


Images: Comodo


    Hardly worth $US5 a year?

    Is $5 suddenly a lot of money?

      It is when the alternate price is free.

        SHhhhhhh pewpew, XristosIsKing is the kind of person they're aiming for...

    Registry tweak that might be safer done by someone who knows what to do......

    I can't imagine the system resourcing tuning is anything beyond disabling extraneous services and what have you... all things that are possible with a bit of knowledge and a spare 30 mins.

      given that i dont work at mcdonalds, 30 minutes of my time is worth more than $5

        Agreed, my time is heaps more than that. $5 is nothing compared to other software.

    I'm more of a unix person, so Windows is a bit mysterious to me. But if it gets you a bit more resources to game with, isn't it worth it? Some people pay $100 for a bump of just %5 to CPU speed, so if this app can free up %5 of resources for your game, isn't it worth it? I'm also scared of Windows registry and looking at the list of services running, I don't have the slightest clue which one are essential Windows services or which ones are just power wasters that snuck in.

      Then download Game Booster 3.0/3.5 its free and does the same thing.

    I don't really see this as being a rip-off, at least not to less tech-headed gamers. Yes, you can do all this for free if you have the expertise, but that's the thing.
    A lot of PC gamers don't build their own machines and simply don't know how to tweak things in windows, so I think for $5 a year for the convenience of better gaming without the risk of accidentally stuffing up your system due to lack of knowledge, this could be worth the money.

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