What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I was talking about Dark Souls to a friend of mine who has finished the game. I've racked up roughly 25 hours into the game, and I described the boss I was now fighting. He said, "oh, cool. Once you beat that guy, that's when the real Dark Souls begins". I was like, "WAT". What have I been doing for the last 25 hours! Oh Jesus. But what are you guys/girls playing this weekend?

I'll be playing — guess what — Dark Souls! I know, crazy right? The thing is, I was playing this game for Shameless Gaming and that's technically over now. But I don't care. I'm going to play this game until something better comes along and I don't expect that to happen until Assassin's Creed III.

What are you all playing this weekend?


    Since reading about you playing Dark Souls again, I decided I'd give it another go. I'm still on my first playthrough, but have finally made it up to Ornstein & Smough. I can't wait to finally beat them just to get out of Anor Londo, I've been invaded every time I walk to the fog gate to fight them.

    I'm playing the role of guiding brother in law by getting my future brother in law into PC gaming... Going to give him a whole bunch of DRM free games that I've got (It's not until this moment that you realise how good DRM free games feel, you can actually lend them to people)

    Hopefully wrapping up the Egypt section on The Secret World
    And trying out Awesomenauts. Played for an hour last night, had a lot of fun. An action/platform moba that can be played in less than 10 minutes. Way to earn that' awesome'.


    I'll be continuing my playthrough of borderlands (Anyone on PS3 up for co-op?) and maybe I'll continue to try and finish my evil infamous 2 campaign.

    I'll be playing more DayZ as usual.

      I might find some time later in the weekend to drop in on that. What's the best way to find everyone else? TS?

        Yeah, TS, Twitter, or just message on Steam

      Yup, that's the go.

    Playing brink on pc Trasnformers and dynasty warriors with the missus and maybe start uncharted 3 and every night modern warfare 2

    Finally got around to getting into Witcher 2 so probably that, kinda glad I left it till now tho, always nice to have a good game to tide you through the quiet months. Other than that might try and finally beat Spelunky and keen to get into Deadlight.

    Hopefully, I'll finish off the Last Story. Plus some Mario Kart as well.

      Is it worth picking up? I haven't really played through a jrpg since Dragon Quest IX on the DS. Other than that I am going to try the walking dead on the ipad.

    Dark souls! third time starting the game but never finished it yet. beat capra demon first time last night! then died twice on gaping dragon but got him in the end. Praise the Sun!

    Just finished Assassin's Creed Brotherhood along with the DLC. Not gonna bother grinding my way through multiplayer for platinum. Way too many hours involved there and wasn't fun finding servers when I tried.

    So I've moved back to Borderlands to go through all the DLC before Borderlands 2 comes out. Played for half an hour last night trying to get familar with my character and the game again. It's been a while!

    Praise the sun!

    Transformers demo + Dead Space 2 ;)

      Transformers demo was awesome, I've played through it a couple times. Bumblebee is cool, but Vortex is even better. I won't spoil it, but it's so fluid.

    A weekend of thirds for me I think...Max Payne 3, Diablo 3 & LEGO Star Wars 3 :)

    My weekend is jam-packed but I really want to squeeze in 5 minutes to play Borderlands. Bought it last week and it's kind of a love/hate relationship so far.

      I'm playing on PC as a Hunter (sniper). I wasn't sure at first either, but after getting used to the character, leveling up my rifle damage, kiting, and popping of CRIT head shots-- I'm in love.

    I've been slowly banging my way though Ys Origin. Might continue that if I can get past the boss I'm stuck on. Some of the boss fights in the game are brutal :(

    I'm starting my own shameless gaming month, since i was hardly gaming at all in July. I'm not allowing myself to buy any more games until i finish my stack of ps3 and steam purchases.

      Good luck @shutterspark, my backlog keeps growing as well, and every time I say I'm going to finish some games, I just end up buying more.

    Dark Souls is a pretty huge game, way bigger than you think when you first start off. If you're currently in the depths Mark, start stocking up on a lot of poison and toxin cures, they won't make the next area easy, but they will make it bearable.

    I never got around to finishing PRrototype 2, so maybe I'll do that this weekend if my wife gets back into Minecraft - she's been on a Star Trek kick this week, rewatching our TNG DVDs and has plans to start on DS9 once that's done.

    If I can't get access to the Xbox/TV, I'll try and wrap up Mirror's Edge and Broken Sword, if I don't get too distracted my Minecraft myself. We've also recently discovered the Tekkit/Technic mod, and that's been really interesting. Technically Technic is the single player/RPG version and Tekkit is the server/multipalyer version, but Tekkit runs better so we're just playing that in single player.

    Rage. Is fun, if a little simplistic and prone to backtracking. Still, very pretty and very solid shooter. Skyrim may also make another appearance, but frankly my open world RPG addiction is starting to sicken me a bit...

    A few chapters into Spec Ops, really liking it but decided to take it slow. A chapter a day. (That probably won't last, but it has so far.)

    Anno 2070. Many of hours to be wasted there.

    Plus if my copy of Mortal Kombat 9 comes in from hong kong today, I dare say I will be punching and kicking my way through the weekend.

    I think I took 200ish hours to get all the achievements on Xbox. 60 more hours to make another character build and get it to about level 70.

    And another 109 hours to get all the trophies on PS3.

    Combat Mission Fortress Italy - new release. So I will be fighting across the hills of Sicily. Also some ME3.

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