What Are You Playing This Weekend?

You'll never guess what guys — I'm totally going to play some more Dark Souls this weekend. I know, crazy right? But what will you girls and boys be playing?

I'm actually loving Dark Souls even more than before, if that's possible. I was stuck in Blighttown for ages, because it's balls out difficult. To break up the monotony I decided to head in another direction, a part I was struggling with before, and a combination of increased skill on my part, and some levelling up, I was able to breeze past a section I was stuck at for ages.

I just love this game.

Anyway, what are you guys playing this weekend?

Thanks to Sughly for the amazing drawing — you can see the whole thing here


    I'll be playing Risen 2 however it feels like it's going to be one of them RPGs I'm going to have to power myself through however you can now download KOFXIII on Australian Xbox so I might consider buying that.

    I think a lot of people have a similar reaction to the game. When I was playing it I would be thinking about it in the shower for way too long.

    I am determined that I am going to play *something* this weekend after weeks of not really. So either try to get back into the Diablo III, or pick something exciting and action packed from the pile of shame. Like maybeJust Cause 2 or finish the COD4 campaign or something.

    Or start down the winding path of Dark Souls.

    Just finished up Rayman: Origins and Spec Ops. Seems to be lots of good games on the horizon from now until November so might enjoy the calm before the storm.

    Atelier Meruru has been sitting on my shelf since I bought it, I think the time is right.

    Hopefully will finish The Book of Unwritten Tales and also doing a run through of Borderlands before B2 comes out next month. Sniping is fun :)

      Oh man, I picked up Book but havent played it yet. You liking it? Looks pretty pretty.

        I'm kind of jaded at new point-and-click adventure games, I think it's partly because of the steadfast refusal by some to accept any thing new. This does look pretty, though. (And I'm gonna sound stupid for saying the next one I've got to play is the thoroughly old school Gemini Rue.)

          Hahaha! Gemini Rue is truly amazing though, very well worth your time. I do know what you mean though, but I still get veeeery excited over Deadalic adventures. I think it's probably got a lot to do with their 2D art direction though, I adore it. A lot of the new 3D games, I really push myself to start them.

            [Insert endorsement of Quantic Dream as the future of the genre here.]


              [scoff at said endorsement of Quantic Dream here]


          Book is fantastic and definitely warrants the rave reviews it gets. Really great voice acting in it and looks great. Up to Chapter 4 at the moment and not regretting my purchase one bit. They're also looking at doing an English version of the prequel to this so hopefully enough people support it.

          TLDR: If you like point and click adventure games, buy this game :)

            Hahaha! Yeah I bought it, just havent gotten around to playing yet. But looks like I might just do so this weekend!

      Was going to buy that, but went with Deponia instead, so far very funny game, so probably this and maybe force myself to play some assasins creed revelations

        The weird thing about Deponia was that I spent the entire first act trying to find ways to clean up, be responsible, be a better boyfriend/roommate.

    Haha woo! Funnily enough I want to go get Dark Souls myself and play that on the weekend now after listening to the podcast...

    Hooking into War for Cybertron. I know - I'm well behind the times :p
    But I couldn't pass it up for $8 on Steam the other week.

    I'll probably be playing around with the shiny new raspberry pi computer I got in the mail yesterday and then some drunken minecraft

      I was looking at those. What were you planning n doing with it?

        Either build a MAME arcade cabinet for the living room or set it up as a streaming media box with the raspberry pi version of xmbc and maybe a SNES emulator just for me

          will a mame cabinet work with a raspberry Pi? if so, i am getting one

            There's a buttload of tutorial stuff on youtube about the ones people have already gotten up and running. If I wasn't at work I'd post links to some of them. Looks easy enough provided you know how to code it ... even then there's step by step tutorials for people like me with no coding knowledge

    Finishing Darksiders, the hype train for number 2 is already on turbo. After this weekend it will probably be higher

    Assassins Creed: Brotherhood - borrowed it from a friend and am loving it!

    In prep for new assassins creed I have gone back to empire total war and fighting those redcoats. Well not really prep just found myself playin it again and now have to justify the 8 hour campaign I have been playing

    Finally have a weekend that is fairly free. Will jump back into Borderlands, slowly coming around to it.

    About 10% into Hyperdimension Neptunia (the first one) and enjoying it, although it seems a little easy in terms of the challenge it presents. Loving the Japanese VA work and the gags. A nice change of pace from my last game Lollipop Chainsaw.

    No playing this weekend! In sydney for thr sc2 qualifiers. Will be awesome to meet artosis and tastleless and get some beers! People who are bummed with d3 should have a look at path of exile. Has had me hooked i would be playing if I wasn't here!!!

      Oh yes! Path of Exile is great.

      It's darker than the Diablo games, but really really fun all the same.

    GTA3. I've been doing all the packages and side missions first before tacking the main missions so I'm cashed up in-game before I've even started properly.

    Then when I've 100% completed it I will move onto Vice City!

    Probably GTA III, I feel like going back and playing it again!

    More Fallout: New Vegas. I finished a Hardcore mode run yesterday, which was really fun. When the 100G achievement popped, I was pretty proud. Now I've got the DLC to get through and a bunch of achievements to finish.

    I'm actually not sure. Darksiders II drops mid-week next week so I don't want to get involved in anything too long.

    Dark souls! This weekend i will defeat the spiderlady queboobs

    Persona Arena for me. Gotta finish up those story modes

    I'll be firing up GTA4:TLAD for online shenanigans with a brew or 20.

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