What Are You Playing This Weekend

Blah blah blah Dark Souls. Dark Souls is a blah blah blah. Man. These What Are You Playing This Weekend posts can get a little dull when all I do is play one game for ages. For a while it was Trials Evolution, and at the moment its Dark Souls. Just to break things up a bit, I may try and grind through some more of New Super Mario Bros. 2, but I'm really not enjoying that too much at the minute, so I might just leave it alone. What are you guys and girls playing this weekend?

There's also Darksiders II. I have a copy, but I'm a bit like... do I really want to stop playing that? One of my friends said Dark Souls is like going to the gym. Once you stop, it's pretty hard to get back into the rhythm of it. I'm enjoying the game too much to give up on it.

Let us know what you guys are playing in the comments below!


    More Minecraft! I will by a skyrail and it will be the best damn skyrail ever!

    Darksiders 2 (PC)! Just gotten to the second world/hub after a solid 15 or so hours of exploration. Loving it so far.

    Darksiders 2 I won't lie I am hooked hopefully I can power through and give myself time for Sleeping Dogs.

    Sleeping Dogs, plus I'll pick up Mario on Saturday and play it until my hands cramp up.

    Going to finish 100%ing Lego Batman 2.

    I never 100% games but something about this one makes me want to do it.

    Then I think it'll be time for Red Dead Redemption and possibly time to reinstall StarCraft 2. Okay, I reinstalled SC2 the other day, but I installed the NA client instead of the SEA client. So it's time to do that yet again.

    Or I might finally get around to buying an SSD for my computer and end up reinstalling everything.

      I completely understand wanting to 100% Lego batman. I was the same for the Lego Harry potter games.

      I think they do such a great job at making you get totally invested in the story and the collection process, that you just need to finish them .

    Hyperdimension Neptunia (just got the Gust and Nisa DLC) as well as some Uncharted Golden Abyss on crushing difficulty. Might squeeze in some Sleeping Dogs if I can't resist...

    Sleeping dogs, i was skeptical at first but i'm enjoying so far, the combat is pretty damn good.

    Darksiders 2 is sooo freakin good! I had to drag myself off it last nite to get some sleep! So i'll be digging into that, picking up NSMB2 on saturday & might get a start on Kingdom Hearts 3D.

    Mass Effect 3....3...3...3...3....3...3...3....for me...me....me....me....

    I'll try and spend some time on a coop server on TF2, but most likely I'll play Stacking, which I recently downloaded and have been thoroughly enjoying.

    Hopefully finish the campaign in Spec Ops: the line tonight & then get going on Deus Ex:HR for the rest of the weekend.

    hoping to try TF2 Co-op... will play more darksiders 2... sleeping dogs... all around a bucks night... good times lol

    Batman Arkham City. Not usually a "collector" type of player, but I can't let the Riddler mock me. Totally getting sidetracked.

    Also, the Madden 13 demo. Good so far.

    Sure... I have other commitments in life but they can wait. I'm going to play the hell out NSMB.2 as soon as I can get my grubby little paws on it this Saturday!

    I’ll also be playing some DayZ (still relatively new to the whole experience) and joining in on some CS:GO Beta action.

    It's alright Serrels I'll gladly take NSMB2 off your hands ;)

    Darksiders II for me and The Binding of Isaac (I've really gotten into this lately!) and MAYBE some Trials Evolution. I tried playing Evo again this week and even though I got a few new platinums and some better times, it STILL makes me rage when I fail!

    Borderlands. I've finished all the dlc, but I need to level up to have a chance of defeating Crawmerax. Only level 53 atm so might continue on playthrough 2 and continue with quests for more exp.

      I tried Borderlands again this week and just couldn't get into it. As a result, I probably won't be picking up BL2 on release/possibly ever.

        Question is, did you play it solo or co-op with some friends?

        For me most of the fun came from co-op.

          Yep agreed. I've been playing the dlc solo and have realised how much more fun it was playing co-op. Definitely give it a go co-op with friends if you can

            I've been doing a bit of both throughout the main game. Unfortunately though my friends aren't always available and I've been left to play through the majority of it by myself.

            I agree it's much more enjoyable with friends, so I'll see if I can gather them up for the DLC if I ever manage to complete the first part.

    It's not difficult to get back into the swing of Dark Souls - I stopped for about six months to play more recent games, came back to start by fighting Sif and then on to Sen's Fortress. Not any more difficult than I remember (although fighting Sif as the first thing back was probably a bad choice); the difficulty lies in forcing yourself to go back to continue playing it. I ended up dreading going back, cos I thought Sen's Fortress was meant to be annoyingly difficult, but (like most of the game) it's all about observation.
    That aside, I'll be playing Sleeping Dogs (really enjoying it so far), and maybe get past those freaking Silver Knights in Anor Londo, and maybe starting Darksiders 2. Dammit, no games for months, and now two open-world RPG-esques in one day?

    I know how you're feeling Mark. I've invested over 70 hours into Tactics Ogre, mostly during Shameless Gaming Month, and I'm still far, far from the end. Expecting to hit 100 hours. Second and final playthrough I think.

    I'm going to be focussing on unlocking all of the characters in Super Smash Bros Melee.

    Mark, you're committed. At least your attention span lasts long enough to deal with games that are challenging.

    My gaming ambitions this week? None.

    I have 2 really good bottles of scotch which I am going to enjoy with a mate. We might discuss games, but it is more likely we'll yell at each other about politics, economics, and technology. He's always wrong, obviously.

    Darksiders 2, with maybe a little of Sleeping Dogs.

    More Saints Row 2.... i'm hooked

    Well this week we picked up Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD, Dust, and Deadlight, so I might try and smash out a couple of those over the weekend. Going to hold off on Darksiders and Sleeping Dogs for now. I'm not sold on the former and my wife has no interest in the latter, so they won't be targets for primary allocation of entertainment funds for this month.

    Basically I'll buy them if there's nothing else I want.

    More COmbat Mission, Ghost Recon Future SOlider post patch, looks like CTD crashes are fixed.

    Should I buy Sleeping Dogs....

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