What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Look man, I love Dark Souls. I love it so much. But a man has his limits and, after all the hype, I'm toying with the idea of putting it on ice to play through the first three episodes of The Walking Dead.

But what are you guys and girls planning to play this weekend? August was a pretty decent month for games — Sleeping Dogs, Darksiders II, New Super Mario Bros. 2, Sound Shapes...

Let us know in the comments below.


    Diablo 3. Patch 1.0.4 has made it fun again and there are plenty of people who have come back to it to see the changes. My Monk can actually deal with things in Act 2 Inferno after being completely brick walled with similar gear in Act 1 pre-patch.

    Also, tomorrow night is the first board game night. Munchkin and Ticket to Ride are on the cards and probably some Mah Jong too. It's going to be a good night.

      munchkin is an evil game! Puppylicks and Danmazkin introduced me to it when we were in san Francisco. I really dont like it....probably coz i suck at it.

        You just don't know good games :P

        Haven't actually played it but I saw this video a while ago and knew that I had to give it a shot.

        Tomorrow just happens to be the perfect excuse for that.

        Munchkin is designed to punish competitiveness. As long as you go in with that understanding, it is a fun way to muck around with cards.

      Board games at this kids house!

      Also World of Warcraft & Minecraft. I feel dirty after resubbing to WoW yesterday but I wanted to get back into it before the new patch.

      The trick in munchkin is to not be the first to take the lead

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD and and House of The Dead Overkill.
    And maybe a little bit more of the first Ratchet and Clank game.

    Weekend starts now! I have the day off today so I'm going to the Bavarian Bier Cafe in Manly for lunch!

    Oh, and games. Half way through the (short) Severed DLC for Dead Space 2, so I'll finish that first. Then hopefully start Dark Souls (as I've been saying for weeks) or continue Diablo III (as I've been saying for weeks).

    However, last weekend I just played Splosion Man instead. So probably actually just Ms Splosion Man this weekend :)

    Guild Wars 2. Transformers Fall of Cybertron. And also giving the new Diablo patch a thrash.

    I haven't finished Sleeping Dogs yet, so maybe that.

    After completing NSMB2 I started replaying NSMBWii last night because I never finished it with all the star coins so I'm giving it another run.

      It's a shame that you have to work so hard to get to those last levels of NSMBWii, because some of them are super tricky to perfect, and that makes them loads of fun.

        Yep agreed. Those last secret levels are some of the best in the game.

    Thinking about a second Mass Effect 3 playthrough now I've got th DLC and extended ending, but NegativeZero made an excellent point on TAY -- might be worth waiting until all the story DLC is out.

    So, I've been stuck in the opening section of Dark Souls (after the tutorial area) for ages. I put the game away for a while. Turns out, I've been going the wrong way, and trying to take on the army of high-level skeleton warriors (I actually beat them once, so kudos to me). So, with that revelation, I'll give the game another bash.

    Also, Guild Wars 2 and The Secret World (Finally got all QL10 gear, on the hunt for blues and purples)

    Diablo 3, and cod. I am the root of all theings wrong with the games industry and hit 20th prestige on mw3 lastnight, will play enough to hit max level, then stop playing till blops II. Will fill in the gaps with tons if iOS games as well. i have way to many addictive games on my phone and it is interupting work time :P

    I want to say anything but dayz, but who am I kidding.....

    School Production this weekend = no sleep and little games. Probably just a few rounds of Mann vs. Machine in TF2, hopefully with my new clan.

      Chookas! Finished my seasons last weekend, so this is my first weekend off in about 6 months.

      As for gaming, I can't stop playing Spelunky, which is doing my head in because it can be such an unfair little bitch, and not in a Dark Souls kind of way. Might also go back to Fez, which I'm about halfway through.

    my ozgameshop copy of SLEEPING DOGS just arrived!! woo hoo!

    Shame I have about 2 FREE HOURS THIS WEEKEND! wah.

    Continuing with Batman Arkham City. Went back to it to finish new game plus (which I've done) and get through all the riddler challenges. Finished everything with Batman and finished combat and predator challenges with Catwoman. Just starting Campaign challenges with Catwoman. She's a hell of a lot harder than Batman with her next to no health!


    Although, i won't have much time to paint, as it's also father day on sunday...

    Finish off hero mode of Skyward Sword. I serious love that game. Although it's still forth in line behind Wind Waker, Majora and Twilight.

    I picked up Serious Sam 3 and Dead Space 2 out of a bargain bin this week, so will give those a try. Will also hopefully be having a session of Fiasco at a mates place. That game is hilarous.

    I grabbed Fall of Cybertron earlier in the week so I'll be parking myself infront of that.

    Play some more of darksiders 2 some more of sleeping dogs well that is the plan if not it will be more of Diablo 3 trying to get better gear for my demon hunternd what ever else I feel like at the time.

    Hopefully finish AC2 and I just bought the Dead Space pack from Amazon so will looking at giving that a go next.

    Borderlands and maybe I'll finally finish my evil playthrough of infamous 2

    Probably won't have a lot of gaming time, but what I've got I'll dedicate to my ongoing Metal Gear Solid 4 replay.

    Maybe some more time in Fallout: NV. If the stars align the right way maybe some co-op time on something.

    World of Warcraft!! New Patch has brought me back because of Boredom!! Possible DayZ aswell!!

    I had most of last weekend stolen away watching my friends play Sleeping Dogs instead of playing it myself, including overhearing a minor ending spoiler. It was predictable, but still a spoiler. Anyway, I haven't had any time to play it this week because my wife doesn't like it which means it's another of those games I have to sneak in while I'm home and she's asleep, which means I get no time on it during the working week.

    Long story short, I hope to be finishing Sleeping Dogs this weekend.

    I'd LIKE to be playing Walking Dead episode 3 but my PC monitor abruptly stopped working for no apparent reason two days ago, so my PC is out of commission until I either source a replacement monitor (with no available funds) or it mysteriously starts working again, which also happened six months ago.

    Funny, it waited until I blew my tax return on other stuff before failing. It's like it wants to deliberatly incur maximum sadness.

    Anyhow, I probably only have an hour or so left in the story of Sleeping Dogs, which equates to 3 hours of gameplay once we factor in my faffing about, and that's not including dedicated collectible hunting in what I assume will be post-story freeplay in the Hong Kong sandbox.

    After that I might get cracking on Darksiders, so I can at least say I gave it a shot before I started on Darksiders 2.

    After ditching Rock Band Blitz the last two nights for ME3 DLC & Walking Dead Ep 3 I hoping to finally give it a whirl on the weekend. I don't actually have a game in play at the moment but I'm playing to finally start Bullitstorm. Good times.

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