What BioShock Would Look Like Running On Crysis’ Engine

What BioShock Would Look Like Running On Crysis’ Engine

The original BioShock was created using Epic’s Unreal Engine 3. Let’s imagine, though, just for a second, that it had instead been built using Crytek’s fancy new CryEngine 3.

The same tech that powers Crysis 2, it would certainly have allowed for larger, more expansive depictions of Rapture than the 2007 original allowed.

These screenshots, mocked up as a part-time thing on the side, were done by Scott Homer, an artist working at Crytek’s UK satellite (the studio formerly known as Free Radical). He calls it a “homage” to the game, and it’s a good looking homage at that.

Bioshock Recreated By Crytek’s UK Artist in CryEngine 3 [DSO Gaming]





  • The original Bioshock ran on Unreal Engine 2.5… not UE3. Fact’s are important yo, maybe you should check them.

    • Yes, and no.

      Bioshock ran on a heavily modified version of UE 2.5 which also included components that would make their way into UE3.

      Anyway, saying that Bioshock “ran on UE 2.5” is a little bit meaningless, given the level of customisation. The defining parts of the game were definitely not the technology.

      (After all, there have been far superior looking shooters using UE since, but few as memorable or fun.)

      • Modified or not, it doesn’t really change the fact that what’s being stated is incorrect. It’s important to get the fact’s straight when your working in journalism, no matter how benign those fact’s may be.

  • Can’t see any of the funky water affects that the AU team put to work on top of the Unreal Engine. Rapture isn’t Rapture without all the water… and maybe a splicer or two.

  • The graphics in Bioshock weren’t particularly amazing. What was amazing is everything else. The art style, the geometry, level design.

  • The game would have felt much different, yes it’s all changable, but compare the Unreal and Source engines, they can both make very similar games, but if they did, they would still feel like Unreal and Source games respectively.

  • Just finished crysis2 on xbox and I’m curious why more games aren’t made with crysis engine. Anyone know why?

    • UE3 has been out since around 2007 and has a huge support base. CryEngine 3 has only been out since around 2011. It may be ‘better’, but unless your project has a specific need for extra grunt, the learning cost of changing to a new engine will persuade many devs to stick with what they know. .

      • I figured it was something like the costs of Terioling and retraining – it’s a shame – crysis2 is damn good game especially given the ageing xbox hardware

  • From the screens, it looks nice, but just doesn’t seem to have the same feel / atmosphere , something’s not right.

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