What If Assassin's Creed Looked More Like Star Wars?

This futuristic take on what looks like Ezio, from the Assassin's Creed series, was designed by artist Davis Lim. It takes the Renaissance killer and drops him squarely in the future. Or, if you prefer, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

I'm getting a very "Old Republic" feel from that armour and the decorative lights, one that isn't going away when I see his weapons, which look every bit like those you'd find in BioWare's two takes on the Star Wars universe.

If you're wondering how he stays hidden while lit up like a Christmas tree...maybe everybody looks like that? I'm sure if BioWare had their way even the mailmen and office admins of the future would have lighting somewhere on their clothing.

Assassin's Creed Redesign - Concept Art [DeviantArt, via Copiously Geeky]


    Looks more Mass Effect than Star Wars.

      Saw it on reddut yesterday under the title "Assassians Creed meets Deus Ex", so I guess many people have many different opinions. Well, three, but you get what I mean :p

      yeah..strangly enough hats what I thourght

      but OMG AWESOME eather way

    Queue futuristic Assassins Creed within the next few years.

    Would love to see this made.

    - Can anyone recommend me some lesser-known games set in the future?

      Freelancer, quite old and you have probably played it but still pretty awesome, even holds up reasonably well graphically today. Bit slow to start but rather interesting story and solid open-ended gameplay. Oh, it's a space flight/dogfighting/mission/aliens/political intrigue/trading/economy game

        +1, it's really great.

          +1 as well *runs off to find a copy*

            They're not joking, it is a wonderful game

            +1 from me too

            and when you get bored, you can mod the hell out of it for more badass spacefaring

        - Cool! It sounds a bit like the X series! I didn't really get far into those, but I'll check out Freelancer. Thanks! :)

          for the record, I have had "some" issues running it on newer versions of windows relating to saves not loading, story not progressing etc. would suggest saving often and perhaps backing up after every "go out and do some stuff to level up" bits. Just in case. Especially when you get sent out to rescue a research scientist and an old unused jump gate (as spoiler free as I can make it but I have had 2 or 3 games crap out at the same point around there)

    Star Wars?

    This looks more like a donation from the Greater Geth Collective and the Quarian Migrant Fleet.

    I do believe it was a AC/Deus Ex cross over...

    More if tony stark went back to the renaissance

    I'd spend my cartel coins on that. Jugganought or shadow please.

    Lets go with Assassins Creed all "Futurey"

    I would so buy this if it ever came out

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