What Is This Weirdly Sexual Mario Image I Don't Even Um OK

The live-action Mario movie is like a giant scab on your knee. It's gross, and an eyesore, yet for whatever reason many of us just can't resist picking at it.

Most of the time that invokes painful memories, but not today. Today it'll provoke some different, much stranger emotions.

Witness Golden's Super Mario Bros. The Movie: colouring Book. It's a book that's supposed to recreate the action of the film with simplified, black & white imagery, but either the bottom-drawer artists hired for the job hadn't actually seen it, or they were cocky enough to try and make some visual (and narrative) changes.

Those are the only two explanations I can think of for what you're about to see. Because, correct me if I'm wrong, I'm pretty sure Samantha Mathis doesn't date Yoshi in the flick.

Golden Super Mario Bros. "Big colouring Book" [Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive, via PMO]

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    I thought that was supposed to be Reggie Fils-Aime for a moment there

    What is this article full of pictures? I don't even, um, oh it's a Plunkett.

      Leave. Go. I'm sure there are other sites that suite you're fine taste.

        >you are fine taste
        yeah nah plunkett needs to stop

      would you have preferred a bashcraft?

      With pictures like this, who needs dull comments


      SECONDED. It's not like the game, the poster SAYS SO, and it's still a chunk of 90s AWESOME!

    super mario bros movie is the greatest film of all time, its a classic, and im not joking either

      It's at the top for me, along with Scary Movie and Waterworld

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