What's More Fun Than Playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Watching Us Play It

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is officially available as of today. But if you haven't touched the beta or purchased the game retail, feel free to get familiar with some of the old-school maps and new(ish) school modes right here.

This video gives you a glimpse at what the first-person shooting action in CS: GO is like, game skills courtesy of our own Chris Person. It's not unlike Valve's immensely popular Source, full of tightly wound maps and Counter-Terrorist versus Terrorist objectives (plant the bomb, defuse the bomb, save the hostages, kill your opponents as much as you can).

The video features a glance at the Bank and Dust maps. We'll have more on the new Arms Race mode, modelled after the Gun Game mod for Counter-Strike: Source that rewards kills with a new weapon later.

Oh, and, for Chris's sake: keep in mind this was his first time playing GO. And it's been years since either of us played Source.


    Graphics not even close to COD :(
    Love CS but disappointed!! Still bought the game :)

      "Graphics not even close to COD"


      Trolling? On Kotaku? Really?

    why the hell isnt it up on xbox yet???

      Xbox marketplace usually only updates once per week...it should be available around 7 or 8 tonight.

    @Mixed Feeling:

    Why would you compare this to COD?

    Counter Strike isnt about graphics, you're missing the whole point of the game, CS is about 100% balanced gameplay, where gun skills, map knowledge and smart tactical play actually count...

      I share this sentiment, but only because the source engine is OLD. It's looking, quite frankly, terrible in comparison to today's games. I'm fully aware of the fact that CS is all about balanced gameplay because I occasionally play rounds with my friends, but why should I pay 15 dollars for CS:S with graphics of the BF2 era (okay, maybe BC2)? Modding already makes the guns look comparable or even better than CS:GO's offering.

        Okay, I also admit that Source is at least stable. BF2 was really bad in networking.

        That's whats so great about the source engine, it runs great on low end spec machines so everyone can play. its all about the gameplay.

      If gun skills matter, why is there ridiculous bullet spread instead of actual recoil and simulated weapons ballistics in place?

    where the freakin hell is the riot shield
    its the 1 weapon i want back in the game
    i still bought it, but a little bummed that there is not shield

    so did it end up that the ps3 version supports usb mouse + KB?

    Rather just play SAWCE

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