When Music And Video Games Collide

When I was younger I used to listen to music when I was playing video games. Not the game's OST, but actual music music. Even now I'll listen to albums, and the game I was playing at that specific time in my life will immediately spring to mind. Just the other day I was listening to Odelay, the Beck album and all I could think of was F-Zero X. Weird, but it's a tangible link. Our very own Anonymous Pessimist — Kotaku community regular — is trying to put together an album designed to be listened to whilst play video games, and he needs your help!

I'll let him do the talking...

Hi, I'm James Flamestar, and I want you to give me money.

A pretty bold statement, right? Well as of today my Pozible campaign has launched for my album. A gamer album.


Well, I'm sure I'm not the only one here who is taken in by amazing game soundtracks. You remember that intro for borderlands when Ain't no rest for the wicked kicked in by Cage the Elephant kicked in? You remember this year, walking into the airport section in Max Payne 3 and hear Tears by Health kick the action into high gear? You know the themes for The Elder Scrolls games, right? I bet you can hum that Skyrim intro right off the top of your head.

I want to recreate these grand, amazing, sweeping moments by writing an album that you can put on while you play any game, and have it enhance your playing experience.

But how can you trust my credentials? Well, I've been gaming and writing music since I was old enough to reach my families old knock-off Wurlitzer. I've been playing musical instruments since I was 4, and writing music since I was 14. Over the years I've built up an impressive project studio, and fast forwarding to this year I've been writing the soundtracks for both Anna's Quest and Dungeon Deities. I also have the obligatory Soundcloud page with a large list of recent works (including a top secret set of the Dungeon Deities tracks... shh!).

So to get this album underway, I have set up a Pozible fundraiser. I've started off by asking for a modest amount with some very attractive tier reward options. If I meet the basic goal, it's all I need to get the project done at an elbow grease, DIY level. If I exceed the goal, every little bit extra gets poured into make an even more amazing auditory experience for you when it's ready to go.

I'm ready to pour my heart and soul into this project - I just need your help to get there.


    Thanks Serrels!

    Guys, I know this isn't specifically about a *game* but I'm writing this with the specific intention that you can throw it on (and certain tracks will be tagged for different kinds of games/settings/environments) and have it meld perfectly with your gaming experience.

    If you have any questions around the project just drop them here and I've be more than happy to answer :)


      also, are you doing another livestream this week?

        Thursday! 7pm till late. Initially had it on Friday but this week looks choc full of Sydney meats.

    Totally agree about the tangible link between game and album. For me it's Super Mario 64 and "Factory Showroom" by They Might Be Giants.

    And go go go Pez! You can do eet!

      Thanks Batguy! Was a little nervous going into this but now I really can't wait to get my teeth stuck into the project. Big ideas. Many many big ideas.

    Yeah woo! As the developer of Anna's Quest, I encourage everyone to back this. He's done an amazing job on my game, I'm sure the CD will be amazing!

      Unsure why (probably just released around the same time) the most vivid link is Turok 2 and Mambo No 5

    If you're on the fence about this, just listen in on a livestream and play a game in the background. I played some Assassin's Creed during the last livestream and it just felt so right. Also, triangle solos.

    So you're saying you listened to Beck when playing F-Zero X... What is wrong with you?! F-Zero X already had awesome music!
    And that other guy, listening to TMBG while playing Mario 64?! You're a monster! D:


      Why? I played it for many, many hours with the normal game music playing too. And they're now two of my favoritest things ever.

    Question, hm? Ok... Is your surname REALLY Flamestar? REALLY?

    Also, are you making the documentary thingo yourself?

    In any case, I can give a little! Probably not one of the more expensive ones, but still! :D

      Nope, it's not actually Flamestar...

      ...or is it?

        Wait, wait, turn it into a challenge. You'll reveal your super secret last name to whoever tells you Flu's name. :P

          Blagh's what id your new gravatar?!

          and Flu has a common peoples name?!

          Aha! I know both their real names... Unless Pez's "real name" is actually another pseudonym. Hmm... That guy is a riddle wrapped in an enigma.

    usually I go with what the game gives me

    but somtime for fun I like to see what I can come up with music wise..for example playing Far cry 2 with the Lions kings "circle of life" or Fallout 3 with stuff from Ennio Morricone (guy that did the westerns)

    and somtimes its just random.....like Eminems album "recovery" reminds me of Dragon age:Origins...yeah

      Yeah, this is how I came up with the idea actually!

      I started experimenting with playing different sorts of music in games and found that certain types or styles worked exceedingly well, regardless of the game type you were playing.

      I felt that was a perfect opportunity and a really cool idea to write something specifically catered to that :)

    I used to play Doom with the music turned off. No other music though.

    I can still hear the distant grunts of the demons.

    GO PEZ! Uh yeah that's all I have..

    But seriously, who ever invests in this will not be disappointed, what I have heard this man create is really awesome, for those who don't know me it's actually a huge compliment since i'm usually one of the first to be all "eugh" when I hear a lot of electronic produced music, since it's never appealed to me in the slightest. I don't mean offence in the slightest to anyone who enjoys & loves the genre, it's just not my scene ;)

    If I hear a song off Offspring's Americana it instantly reminds me of Tomb Raider 3 - I had to listen to something playing that damn game.

    Totally feel you on this one pessimist- i played Wasteland with my brothers whilst listening to prince's triple cd album ftom the early 90s or so. To this day Little Red Corvette and Raspberry Beret remind me of radioactive desserts, humungous coyotes and Android screams. baby you're much too fast, yesyouaaare...

    This is an intriguing project.
    I've usually stuck with the game soundtracks except in a few cases such as Motorstorm which actually managed to kill some great songs just by having a short playlist that quickly became repetitive and very irritating.
    The gaming soundtrack that stands out most to me though is Burnout Paradise. I've always been a metal fan but I started listening to the game's classical music soundtrack one day and never really stopped. Maybe I got the idea from Top Gear, maybe I was just stoned. I'm not sure if it was the calming influence I liked or just the contrast between the onscreen carnage and melody, but either way, it helped me win races.
    On another note, Mortal Kombat always makes me think of Abba, this is because of the button combination for the "Blood Cheat" on the Sega Megadrive version, I had it written on a scrap of paper as ABACABBA (it was only recently that I discovered the last A was unnecessary!)

    Listening to "Not the Game's Soundtrack" is close to a cardinal sin for me. However, I do love video game music, and I'm on a huge chiptune kick right now.
    I'm a little bit suspect of "spanning multiple genres" (it's going to be one orchestral piece, one contemporary adult rock piece and 22 crunk tracks, right?) but I like everything I've listened to on the soundcloud and it's for a TAYbie, so I'm in.

    Gettin' me a hoodie and shirt that I will have to wear each time I hear a song off the album.

    Money is tight, but this is worth it. PLEDGED

    Fez soundtrack is my favourite, lately. Just amazing ambience - goes excellent with Minecraft, as well.

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