When You Cross Adventure Time With Smash Bros., You Get Awesome

Even with an upcoming DS game on the way, I still cannot have my fill of Adventure Time. Particularly video game versions of Adventure Time, and especially considering how insultingly short the iOS game was.

If Charlie Bink could have his way, there'd be a beautiful Smash Bros.-esque game based on the brawling adventures of the delightful duo — Finn the human and Jake the dog — and their team of supporting characters. Although, there's a disturbing lack of Marceline in this mock up, as fellow-Adventure Time nerd Mike Fahey pointed out to me.

SMASH BROS- Adventure Time Edition! [Charlie Bink]


    There's an iOS AT game? Didn't know that.

    Not sure how well it'd transition over art-style wise, but if it worked, would be great.

    I love this show. "I'm not gonna spank your hams!"

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