Which Of These Final Fantasy VII Logos Is Best?

Final Fantasy games have a look. The characters seem like they belong in a Final Fantasy game, and so do their iconic logos. Let's talk about those logos — namely, the Final Fantasy VII logo.

Online in Japan, someone created a whole host of FFVII logos, using the colour shades from other FF games as well as altering the logo's meteor tail. But do any of these work as a possible candidate for the much-desired FFVII remake? Or do you like any of them better than the original?

ロゴ候補の一覧まとめ [アルファルファモザイク]


    I thought the original was fine, considering that the actual meteor in the game sort of turned green once it hit the ground, and the life-stream repelled it.

      Considering the game is being re-released, spoiler warning?

    The one in the fifth row fourth one down looks like the old logo already.

      *whispers* Rows are horizontal...I think you mean fifth "column" fourth one down.


    bottom one in fourth column. But that color doesn't really suit FFVII even though it is the most attractive looking one.

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