Which One Of These Eight Fundamental Types Of Gamers Are You?

Over the years, researchers and marketers have sought to split the ever-growing gaming population of the world into easy-to-understand categories. This latest attempt, crafted by predicative gaming analytics company Playnomics, makes more sense than many of those, narrowing us all down to eight gamer archetypes. Which are you?

Playnomics is teaming up with global brand strategy firm Naked Communications' Naked Play division to help the big brands of the world gamify their products, which is an excellent motivator for some seriously in-depth analysis of the way the population of the world plays.

Playnomics studied how we pursue pleasure, how we solve problems and our overall social tendencies, placed them all on a very fancy graph, and from there broke it all down to eight gamer types — Scientists, Habitualists, Soloists, Strategists, Competitors, Collectors, Socialites and Politicians.

Where do you fall in this grand marketing scheme? I think I've fallen into all eight categories at one time or another, depending on my mood, the weather or pure whimsy. I play what I want, when I want (for the most part), and I dare science to predict my actions like I am some flock of migrating birds.

Also, I want to be a flock of migrating birds.


    I would fit somewhere between scientists and strategists..

    Am I the only one who is disgusted by this latest attempt by marketing companies to define and control human behaviour in an attempt to make themselves more money and they are doing this by taking our favourite hobby and trying to define us by what we play.

      I don't see a problem with it. Sure they are trying to define us, but why is that a bad thing? In theory, if they define, correctly, as a person who doesn't really like JRPGs, I'm less likely to receive JRPG advertising and more likely to be exposed to things I have an interest in.
      As to controlling, I'm not sure what you think is going on, but no company can control what you do as a person.

        As a marketing student I can say that this simple attempt at market segmentation has been done at some point by every medium to large organisation currently in existence. If you're so disgusted you better go off the grid now, stop using money and shopping at 95% of stores. Don't be so naive.

          Just because every organisation does something doesn't make it any more useful nor less ridiculous or disgusting. This system of segmentation assumes that everybody fits into only one or a few of these groups, but my behaviour in games can fit any of the 8 categories shown here depending entirely on what game I'm playing. Marketing is a joke.

      It's not just used for marketing Simmo. Game designers use models similar to these to determine reward/feedback schedules for games and craft an experience based on what they assume their audience will enjoy. It's not a label so much as an indication of our gaming habits and trends. If designers can't work out what makes us tick, how are they going to make games we enjoy playing?
      I don't like being labelled either, but deciphering the consumer is something marketing companies have been doing for years.

        You're a special snowflake. We get it.

      I agree whole-heartedly, Simmo. This is a prime example of marketing ruining art by attempting to pigeonhole the entire spectrum of ways that games are enjoyable into a few simple categories in an attempt to determine a larger market and make products to appeal to that 'group' which in reality, doesn't even exist. If producers and players could just start taking more risks and trying new, unexplored things we would have an industry rich in innovation instead of this attitude of "22% of people like games like this, so let's make another game like this and sell it to those people."
      Developers and players alike should be passionate about gaming, this system of marketing stands in direct opposition to that.


        Gaming has gone way beyond art. It's a billion dollar, global, mass market, pop culture, socially relevant industry. While 'art' still exists (like in Hollywood), the industry is about making bank. And like Hollywood marketing, this type of research is essential in understanding and making media for the mass market AND for the marginalised audience.

          I see what you're getting at, but I perceive the billion dollar mass market thing as a huge problem. Obviously, I can't speak for everybody, but all of my favourite music, movies and video games have been the result of a person or small group of people laboring over something that they're genuinely passionate about. You'll never make something truly unique, beautiful and engaging by limiting yourself with sales statistics, imitations and market research. I'm fearful for the future, because I have grown up loving video games and I don't want to see them go the same way as pop music and Hollywood blockbusters (ie. diluted idiot fodder made to appeal to the lowest common denominator,) yet market research of this caliber suggests that's exactly where we're headed.

    Am I crazy? I play games because they are fun. Any game, with anyone at any (reasonable) time.
    As to the most likely category? It seems like I fit into Habitualists

      I guess its the evolution of games - is playing a game that makes you sad fun? I cant quite get my head around it, I guess I play games for experiences, some of them are fun :)

    definitely soloist





      Aparently PC comes under, Facebook... FUUuuuu

      Sigh, we're in a class of our own. 'I'm special', we just need to keep telling ourselves that.

    I feel like white the burning white centre of this thing

    I would like to know if there is a test to take to see what gamer I would be.

    Also I think I would fit in somewhere between strategist and Scientist

    This thing suggests I'm a soloist, but I completely disagree with the label and the definition of it.

    I'm a gamer that plays all kinds of games, and I'd constantly swap between most of these categories depending on the game I'm playing.

    What? These labels don't make sense to me.

    Fuck off and let me play video game


    Remember that this study is about "gameification" not about gaming.
    So it is what sort of advertising you are willing to be exposed to and in what method can the most easily shove that down your throat in a manner you will enjoy.

    This is for the mainstream public that plays games on iphones and calls themselves gamers. How can they leave out PC as a gaming platform and expect to get an accurate result.

      They didn't leave it out, it's the 3rd platform they have listed

      Sorry, they don't call themselves gamers. I hope they never do. Its a term for a niche group of people who seem to get annoyed when 'the general public' enjoys doing what they do but without it being a core pillar of their identity. The person playing tiny wings on their iPhone is just a valid game player and lover of games as you playing Skyrim on your beast PC. 'gamer' really means 'game buff' in the same way we have 'film buffs'.

    This doesn't help at all, I fit into every category, after all I do play a wide variety of games.

    I am Jack's burning indignation.

    This is retarded, I've sunk countless hours into games that could epitomise every one of those major groupings, depending on mood or something great that was recently released. That ridiculous chart looks more like a classification of games rather than gamers. So +1 for being the burning white centre.

    That graphic is absolute rubbish.

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