While You Were Sleeping

You know those nights where you just stay up doing stuff and before you know it it's 2am and you're like — bugger. Yeah. That. I'm so tired... BUT NOT TOO TIRED FOR VIDEO GAMES. [This message brought to you by copious amount of caffeine.]

I saw Assassin's Creed III, in the flesh and, of course, I was massively impressed. The scope of the game seems terrifying. And by that I mean, when a game attempts so much, I always expect some kind of failure. But you know what? Ubi has the manpower and the smarts to do it I think. Take a look at the engine powering the game here.

I have different thoughts about this situation — the situation being that developers are often reluctant to talk about their video games, and publishers insist on very strict restrictions as per PR plans and such-like. I like what Jason wrote here, but I have slightly different opinions. MAYBE I SHOULD WRITE ABOUT THEM!

It seems like Dawnguard won't be coming out for the PS3 anytime soon, as Bethesda isn't happy with it. And apparently the designer of 'No Russian' put the mission together because he wanted you to feel something. Was the something anger at having a weird, silly level shoved down my throat for pure shock value? Because if it was — JOB WELL DONE.

In Short Skyrim Dawnguard Is Out For Steam, Bethesda Not Satisfied With PS3 Version See The Glory Of Assassin's Creed 3's New Gameplay Engine Right Here Gaming's Biggest Problem Is That Nobody Wants To Talk Designer Of Call Of Duty's No Russian Massacre Wanted You To Feel Something


    I dreamt last night you were leaving this site and read your post about leaving word-for-word. There were pictures in it and oh my god it felt real.

    Not the sort of dream I was expecting after playing Slender until late.

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