While You Were Sleeping

Internet. I am very disappointed in you. Very disappointed. I expected to wake up to multiple, and I mean multiple, episodes of slash fiction about the Mars Rover and Faux Hawk man. There is none. What is up with that? Surely video game news takes a back seat to this stuff.

At least Kotaku US posted a story about Faux Hawk guy, at least there is that. Also he's photoshopped onto Commander Shepard's body. This will do. For now. Kotaku US claims that NASA's mohawked internet sensation could totally be the face of Mass Effect.

This is just one of those thing. Of course there's going to be another Xbox, of course that will happen, but it's nice to hear Microsoft actually confirm this properly.

Feel like reading more about Dishonored? I know I do. These are six helpful tips to make Slender a little less scary, and Gamestop exec claims that video game trade ins is a good thing — people spend trade dollars on new releases. I agree with him. I've heard the same arguments from multiple retailers in Australia.

In Short NASAs Mohawked Internet Sensation Could Totally Be The Face Of Mass Effect Microsoft Finally Admits There Will Be A Next Box A Night Of Deadly Improv In Dishonored 6 Helpful Tips To Make Slender Less Scary Gamestop Exec Says 70% Of Used Game Credit Goes To Buying New Releases


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