While You Were Sleeping

How good would it be to have a one-stop shop for the game news that went down overnight? So that when you woke up you could quickly play catch up? Well lookey here! Here's While You Were Sleeping.

I have to laugh — clearly Microsoft is in damage control. Yesterday there was a story based around the fact that a Microsoft employee officially referred to the next Xbox console for the first time. Now the employee is saying he wasn't talking about the new Xbox. He was talking about, ummmm... something else. Presumably he then dropped a smoke bomb and ninja'd the hell out of there.

And the Olympics just isn't going to go away — today US Editor Stephen Totilo makes the case for video games as an Olympic sport. I DISAGREE! Also this Olympian has an awesome Sonic tattoo. GOTTA GO FAST!

Also — is turning up the gamma and contrast in DayZ cheating? And Steam is planning to sell non-game software.

In Short Microsoft Says When It Said New Xbox It Didn't Really Mean New Xbox Steam To Start Selling Non-Game Software Turning Up The Gamma And Brightness In DayZ Is Cheating, Or Is It? The Case For Video Games As An Olympic Sport Nothing Says Olympic Glory Like A Sonic The Hedgehog Tattoo


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