While You Were Sleeping

Argh, I hurt my neck doing stuff yesterday, so I woke up in complete agony. But even that wasn't as painful as the Olympic Ceremony that's blaring on the Allure Media TV at the moment. Still the video game stuff still happens. The world turns and the people must have their news. Rock on.

So, anyone want to buy a next generation Xbox Development Kit? Oh dear. Yep, there's one on eBay right now apparently. The bidding right now is at an absolutely ludicrous $15,000. That's a lot of moolah.

And what about that Ouya, eh? If you have any interest in precisely how powerful the console will be in the visuals department, you might want to head this-a-way.

Looks like Zynga's attempting to prevent a Mass Exodus with more stock options, this new airport virtual assistant looks a wee bit like Avina from Mass Effect. I guess.

Also, the games industry as a whole is worse off for the loss of Paul Steed.

In Short Someone's Trying To Sell An Xbox Duranga Kit On eBay This Airport Virtual Assistant Looks Like The Ancestor Of Avina From Mass Effect Just How Potent Will Ouya's Graphics Be? Zynga Tries To Prevent A Mass Exodus With More Stock Options Paul Steed, Artist On Wing Commander And Quake Series, Dies


    Aww a King Charles Cavalier. Such amazing dogs.

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