While You Were Sleeping

Well I had the worst night of sleep ever so, technically, all this news occurred while I was totally awake and staring at the ceiling. Still, the news happened! And it's time to write about it!

Well it seems like the internet has gone and gotten itself into another lather, but not without provocation. After a news piece in which a Borderlands designer referred to a new, simplified skill tree in Borderlands 2 as 'girlfriend mode', a number of people — quite rightly I think — got a little annoyed.

Personally I have no problem with a simplified skill tree, but yeah — that was a very poor choice of words on the part of the designer. Still, I quite like this comparison from Stephen Totilo — Mario Galaxy 2 had a mode that was kind of designed to help less experienced players get involved. But it was never referred to as 'girlfriend mode'!

More people finished Mass Effect 2 compared to Mass Effect 3. As someone who finished Mass Effect 2 and didn't finish Mass Effect 3 — this makes sense to me! Very interesting statistic though.

This is a look inside the smokey world of Chinese internet, imagine if Assassin's Creed looked a little more like Star Wars, and Steam is looking to expand its community services.

In Short Steam Will Expand Community, Add Individual Game Hubs For Screenshots, News, Mods Fewer People Finished Mass Effect 3 Than Mass Effect 2 The Better Name For Girlfriend Mode Is Probably Co-Star Mode A Look Inside The Smoky World Of Chinese Internet Cafes What If Assassin's Creed Looked More Like Star Wars


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