While You Were Sleeping

What happened while you were sleeping last night? Quite a lot actually...

The most exciting thing, for me at least, was this new batch of Grand Theft Auto screenshots. Looks as though GTAV will have planes, bikes and cars. This game may well be the successor to San Andreas some fans have been clamouring for.

Diablo III just added 100 new levels to the game. 100 new levels. What? It all works through some new Paragon system. I'm not really up on all the jargon, so probably best to just head to the story itself for an update.

Looks like this may be some more Dragon Age III information, this is a little magic trick from Sleeping Dogs, and this brilliant Robot art was built using old electronics and broken toys. Gorgeous.

In Short Here's Proof That Grand Theft Auto V Has Planes, Bikes And Cars Diablo III Adds 100 Levels In New Paragon System Report: More Dragon Age III Info, Possible Names, Concept Art Leak This Awesome Robot Art Was Built With Broken Toys And Old Electronics And Now Sleeping Dogs Will Perform A Magic Trick


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