While You Were Sleeping

I forgot to put my contacts in this morning, so I'm typing this post roughly 20 centimetres away from my monitor. Sigh. This is gonna be a long day. Anyways, welcome to While You Were Sleeping, the post that rounds up all the news coming in overnight. Have a good one folks.

More Grand Theft Auto V screenshots? I can deal with that. I'm one of those few people who actually thought Grand Theft Auto IV was the best one yet, so I'm pretty hyped for number five. These screens look really pretty. Can't wait to see the game in motion, ideally with a controller in my hand.

The US official Nintendo magazine, Nintendo Power, shut its doors. As someone who used to Edit the Official Nintendo Magazine in Australia, this makes me a little sad. I really liked Cliff Bleszinski's eulogy for the mag. Very nice indeed.

Take a gander at Peter Molyneux's next 'crazy' experiment, this is an interesting point of view about the upcoming Dishonored, and apparently Interplay is bringing back the studio that created Fallout.

In Short Get Your First Look At Peter Molyneux's Next Crazy Experiment Right Here Holy Crap, Grand Theft Auto V Looks Gorgeous Cliff Bleszinski's Perfect Eulogy For Nintendo Power Looks Like Interplay Is Bringing Back The Studio That Made Fallout My Defiant Passion For Dishonored Captured in One Screen


    But I ask you, is Interplay still Interplay without the people that once made it Interplay?

    Sigh I need to go back to bed. Remove Interplay and insert Black Isle Studios....

      Yeah, Black Isle to me is essentially Obsidian. They never went away really.

    No mention of Psygnosis / Sony Liverpool being shut down? COLD BLOODED SERRELS, COLD BLOODED.

    No mention on Aus and europe not getting CS:GO on PS3?

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