While You Were Sleeping

Oh man, I'm pretty excited about this weekend. Mostly because I've been tired all week and I need a lie in. But enough about my life story, let's get to the news round up part of While You Were Sleeping.

I've been really enjoying Stephen Totilo's Nintendo stories recently, and this is another corker (apologies for using the word 'corker'). Is Nintendo making a gamer's version of Facebook? And is this something you think is needed or wanted?

And this is more footage from Dishonored, which is rapidly rising up to the top of my most wanted list for 2012. This game looks pretty special. DON'T LET ME DOWN!

Take a look at Resident Evil 6, which is coming out sooner than I expected! I like this story because it has Indiana Jones in the title (it's about Final Fantasy V and JRPGs) and apparently the Donkey Kong record has been broken again, by the same guy!

In Short It Sounds Like Nintendo Wants To Make A Gamer's Version Of Facebook How Not To Be Seen In Dishonored Choose Your Resident Evil 6 Skills Wisely Without Final Fantasy V, This RPG Boss Would Have Been Indiana Jones Donkey Kong Champion Sets Another Record



      Also, Res Evil 6 skills set... wut.

      This game is so extremely poop looking. Srsly, skills sets? SKILLS SETS!? It's meant to be a goddamn survival horror, not... level up skills sets BS. ERGH. I'm going to be over here playing adventure games...

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