While You Were Sleeping

Morning. Who's ready to do anything at this point? Yeah, that's what I thought. Why not procrastinate a while with this news roundup? Don't say I'm not good to you.

Many were disappointed with the Mass Effect 3 ending. You may have been one of those people. If you were, this reworked Mass Effect 3 trailer is for you. It's an 'honest' trailer, recutting the sections of the game to 'hilarious' effect. Be warned — here be spoilers.

I was pretty gutted to hear about Neil Armstrong's passing over the weekend. Landing on the moon — it's a pretty big deal. This tough video game will sort of show you that. Still, way more difficult in real life. Way more.

Patricia Hernandez is petitioning for shorter games here, and I'm with her for sure. This is an ode to Final Fantasy games that aren't actually Final Fantasy games, and this is the proof that the Kingdoms of Amalur MMO was actually pretty good.

In Short The Amalur MMO Was Fun Says A Former 38 Studios Employee And Here Are Three Gameplay Videos To Prove It Mass Effect 3 Trailer Provides A More Accurate Representation Of The Game Ode To The Final Fantasy Games That Weren't Really Final Fantasy Games Recreate Neil Armstrong's Landing On The Moon In This Tough Video Game Why I'm Rallying For Shorter Games


    That cat is rocking out on the guitar better than Jack Black.

    ...come at me Bros. I said it. So what, big whoop. Wanna fight about it?

      Who can fight, with that kitten up there? It's draining all the will to fight with its cuteasaurusness.

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