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This is While You Were Sleeping, the place where you wake up, wipe the sleepy dust from your eyes and get prepared for a morning blast of video game news. Let's get this show on the road and stuff.

Rumours in Australia suggest that the Wii U will release on December 6. But more than likely the console will come out in the US a little earlier. According to this report, the Wii U will launch on November 18. Sounds about right to me, apparently Nintendo will confirm before September 13. Hopefully we'll get confirmation of our date soon as well. Time is marching on people.

Are people still interested in the Lost Planet series? I remember enjoying the first one on 360, then being a bit underwhelmed by the second one. Part of me wonders if my enjoyment of the first was due to the fact it was an early next gen release. Who knows, but regardless Lost Planet 3 is coming, and this is 15 minutes of footage. Lap it up folks.

This is a video game that stars normal looking people, this is a hellish looking Dead Island mod, and this is how Dragon Quest pissed off its most famous and oldest fan.


In Short Gaming Accessory Maker Says Nintendo Will Launch Wii U On November 18 Born From A Dead Island Mod, This Game Looks Hellish 15 Minutes Of Lost Planet 3 Footage Introduces New Enemies And Cover Combat How Dragon Quest Just Pissed Off Its Most Famous And Oldest Fan In A Shocking Twist, This Game Stars Normal Looking People


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