While You Were Sleeping

So I've just woken up to discover I don't have internet. GREAT. Never mind — I still got dat tethering. Anyway, welcome to While You Were Sleeping, where we break down the news that went down while you were in bed catching Zzzzzs.

Square Enix — it's pretty notorious for being a company that tends to overprice games on the iOS store. Now? Well, apparently it's allowing us to play some of its old games for free. What's going on here? Why can't Square Enix be happy just being the villain of this piece? Why do they have to confuse us with this... obnoxious generosity!

Apparently this fan made Skyrim battle will be the most epic thing you'll see today. I'm not going to make any such grand claims. Today might bring the second coming of Kratos-Jesus. He may rise from his grave and give us all jetpacks. That could theoretically happen. Still, I'm sure the Skyrim battle is still cool.

The 3DS XL is going pink — which will upset a certain Kotaku reader who sacrificed her love of all things pink to get one of the less girly colours. This is our first look at the last Professor Layton game, and this is how Sleeping Dogs tried to avoid Chinese stereotypes.

In Short This Fan Made Skyrim Battle Is The Most Epic Thing You'll See Today Money Grubbing Square Enix Is Now Letting Us Play Some Of Their Old Hits For Free First Look At The New Professor Layton, It's The Last One Nintendo 3DS XL Going All Pink And White How Sleeping Dogs Tried To Avoid Chinese Stereotypes



    I'll return it for 30 unmarked, non-sequential 3DS's.

    You wouldn't want me to get... gruff with your animal, would you?

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