Why Be A Tower Defender, When You Can Be A Tower Attacker?

Last year's Anomaly Warzone Earth flipped the tower defence genre on its head, putting you in the shoes of the guys trying to get past the powers, instead of the guys building them. It was, to keep things brief, brilliant.

It's now got a sequel. Anomaly Korea does the usual sequel thing: there's new units, new powers and a new tactical map. No word on a release date, but seeing as this is an iOS title, it's probably "soon".


    It wasn't brilliant. It was fun, but I had to turn of all the voice acting. And the plot was pants on head retarted.

    If this has a steam christmas achievement thing, I'll probably grab it when it goes on sale. But not for full price.

      Oh, look at me, I can use a Zero Punctuation phrase. Pathetic.

        So quoting things is bad now..?

        Quoting a well know gaming review on a a gaming website when doing a brief review of a game. Can't say I see an issue with that. Seems to get his opinion across quite well

        Oh jesus christ, you pathetic little shit. He used a quote from a well known game reviewer on a gaming site. What, you don't like Zero Punctuation? Whoop-di-fucking-do. If seeing those 4 words is enough to get you that mad, then I weep for anyone who has to spend any real time with you. The alternative, of course, is that you were trying to call attention to the fact that you knew the phrase as well and the way you chose to do that was by belittling the person that used it. One way, you're an argumentative asshole, and the other, you're an argumentative asshole who picks really goddamn stupid ways to vent their impotent rage.
        Good day.

          it's ironic, cause you seem just as aggressive and angry - if not more

            It is then stripped of its irony when you realise that me getting mad at someone being a dick is a completely normal response, whereas this doucherod is getting mad at someone for using a quote in context for good effect.
            If you see someone getting mad and kicking a puppy, you then getting mad at the person doing the kicking is not ironic. It is normal.

      Not quite as 'retarted' as your spelling of the word retarded though. :p

        unless he's talking about tarts of course, mm I could go for a apricot one right now.

          Mmm... I could go for a lemon one myself..

          Do they still make poptarts? Oh god I loved those as a kid. Half the time I just it straight out of the foil pack.

    the first 30 seconds of this was pretty great any movies that have the same style?

    First one wasnt bad but wasnt enough to convince me to buy a second. Would need some serious updates and more options to make it in my must purchase list.

    This looks like some fun, love tower defence/attack games :3

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