Why Can't Australians Buy Final Fantasy VII?

Many old Australian Final Fantasy fans, and some new, headed to the online Square-Enix website to buy Final Fantasy VII today on PC, only to find that they couldn't. Despite being available in almost every other country Australians, it seemed as though we were being geo-blocked from purchasing Final Fantasy VII.

We asked Square-Enix's local distributor why this was the case, and it looks as though it's a simple error.

"We’re looking into the issue now," said a spokesperson, "and will report back once we have an update from Square Enix Europe this evening."

As soon as we find out precisely why this happened, or if the problem is rectified, we'll let you know.


    Damn, and here I was, looking for an excuse to pirate it. :p

      Haha good one. I loved this game. Haven't played it in years - I wonder how it holds up these days.

        I actually still have the PC version on disc. Three discs in fact. It was made to run on Windows 95/98 though so it'll probably be a bit of a challenge to get it working in Windows 7.

          Isn't the music all MIDI though? or have my friends been lying to me?

          The real trouble will be your video card. The original release of FF7 for PC HATES any video card made about a year after it was published. It just wasn't made to adapt for later, better video cards.

        I AGREE COMPANIES HATE Pirates, yet some games are only available on TPB ISO hunt etc. Companies do need to get they're act together. have played since ff6 of psx. AND I can tell you I know 1-5 are easily available on a "Peer to Peer basis". AND Australia government need to pull there heads in too. There's games that are deemed "too Violent". BUT are available on P2P also. I know that if there were websites offering digital copies of even the Nostalgic games such as the old Disney storybooks and arcade games for instance, they'd sell heaps (as they don't have forms of DRM either) The companies aren't making anything sitting on the shelves for the next millenia either so there's really no excuse. STEAM would be the perfect candidate for things such as this. SE please clarify how this situation is unfolding, don't sit on the bench like other companies... YOU FAN BASE IS TOO HUGE!!!

    Sorry, Mark, but if you know why we can't buy it here; because of an error, then why speculate/suggest that it is geo-blocking?

    You know it is because of an error, not SE deliberately blocking us.

      To be fair, regardless of whether or not its in error, it's still being geo-blocked. Just unintentionally.

        I may have read the edited post. Withdrawn!

    According to the email I got from Square Enix support:

    "We are planning to launch an independent store for Australia which will be released soon. Here you will be able to purchase a copy of the game."

      Yes, "Australian" prices for the Australian store. *sigh*

        What did we ever do to piss off the people in charge of video game prices in Oz?

        It's probably be upwards of $18AUD - I'd be surprised if we got it for $9.99AUD.

        That said, I don't plan to buy it, so....

    unfare pricing for electronic goods like games lead to piracy, square enix is going to lose money if they jack up the price for australia, many fans will op for the torrent discount

    Region locking should be outlawed!

    have they fixed the terrible midi music in the PC version?

    Also can't wait for the price with Australia tax added, it will be the final justification for piracy. yo ho ho.

    Isn't this basically the SAME version that was released on PC a bajillion years ago...? And can you mod this one..?

    Australians shouldn't have too much trouble finding a PC copy of FF7.

      Expensive dude! Plus there are issues running the original PC versions on newer windows machines

      Basically with a few modern niceties added in and win7 support. Only really worth getting if you have never played it or your psx

      Basically with a few modern niceties added in and win7 support. Only really worth getting if you have never played it or your psx or pc CDs are lost/broken

    My issue with the PC version was the midi music. That absolutely killed it for me- the music was part of the story telling- an inspired me to learn playing it. Hell I was even in Sydney last year purely for the FF convert with Nobuo Uematsu.

    Just as a side note- there was a couple sitting next to me who I chat to for a bit and they said they played FF. Nobuo came out and we all cheered; after he left the guy in the couple leans over and says: "who was that?". To which I pretty much wondered what he was doing there.

      Probably an after party for some snooty left-wing wine and cheese night...

    Looking into it my ass, this is what i got from Square support

    "Thank you for contacting the Square Enix Support Centre.

    We are very sorry to hear that you are having issues purchasing the game. Unfortunately, Australia is not a serviced country on the EU store at this time. We are working on an Australian version of the store which should be up and running soon.

    We can only recommend that you wait until the Australian store is live and then purchase the game from there.

    We do sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    Kind regards,

    The Square Enix Support Centre team"

      you deserve the pirates discount my good man.

      This is what I got from them, highly unimpressed:

      We are very sorry to hear you are having difficulties when trying to purchase Final Fantasy VII on the European Square Enix Store.

      It is currently not possible for customers located in Australia to make purchases on the Square Enix Store. We apologise sincerely for the fact that Australia is in the list of supported countries: this list indicates the current and future supported countries.

      Indeed, Square Enix is currently working on the launch of Australia's own Square Enix Store. However, it is not yet available.

      At this time, our Support Centre does not have a launch date for the Australian Square Enix Store, but we recommend you keep an eye on our official websites for any future announcements.

      Again, we apologise sincerely for the inconvenience caused. Please feel free to contact us again if you have any other issues.

      Kind regards,

      The Square Enix Support Centre team

    it all about currency if Aus is higher we buy the USA price cause it cheap but that not chase they gonna make the AUS price which is more which it a ripoff for a digital

    I got exactly the same ED13. Would've been nice to have a rough ETA when this supposed "store" is coming up...



      No dice, you need to provide your billing address, and the US store obviously doesn't offer the option for Australia.

        Okay, I went to try and and it's charged my card (or rather the transaction payment is pending), so apparantly that works. All for about $10 US

    That reply makes Square Enix local distributor look like they had no idea why it wasn't released in Aus and that they don't really care about whether we get it or not

    Still wouldn't make me purchase it. I heard from reviews that the music in this re-release is absolutely TERRIBLE.

    Kind of disappointed at SE these days
    They seem to be doing very little work - and charging a premium for it
    Was so excited when I first heard of this release that they would have 'HD' cutscenes and the whole thing was smoother and of a general higher quality including the music.
    Seems like they have done nothing and the quality is still almost as bad as the PC release of 10+ years ago /end rant

    Yo ho ho. I'm not even a pirate, but I'm glad people are willing to punish such corporate hubris by opting for the ultimate discount.

    Me, I just don't buy the stuff until it turns up on Steam at a price that reflects its worth to me. Which is sometimes never. Oh well. More time to clear the backlog.

    just got an email from square-enix. its now available for $12

      Where? Because here I am on 21/11/2012 and I am still being told I cannot buy it because I am in Australia. . .

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