Why Video Game Gambling Machines Were Destroyed In China

Last week, we posted some pictures from WIRED of Chinese cops burning and destroying gambling machines that look like arcade cabinets. Gambling is illegal in China, and it is constantly being cracked down on. Video game arcades as well as internet cafes are often covers for gambling.

Just this weekend, 30-plus people were detained in an arcade in Hubei province. The detained were partaking of illegal video gambling inside the arcade. The arcade was shut down and destroyed. Also last week, there was the story of a 17-year-old girl ran away from home and was then assault after suffering through her father's gambling induce rages.

On top of all of that, God of Gamblersseries that show and often glorify the role that organised crime has in gambling.

Often times gaming arcades are fronts for illegal gambling. The bells and whistles of real video games cover the sights and sounds of gambling machines. So every now and again, the Chinese government cracks down on arcades across the country looking for gambling machines, and when they find them, they destroy them.


    LOL, I love that my joke about China already having a polluted environment in the previous post has been deemed offensive and deleted, despite the disgusting bigotry that plagues some of these threads. Stay classy Kotaku

      Don't be racist.

        Sorry Jake but i kinda agree with what waffle is saying... anyone that been to china will undoubtedly have noticed the clouds of smog. thats a fact. whilst i agree 100% with police cracking down on gambling, there are better ways of disposing waste, rather then setting fire to paints, pcb and all their chemical glory. electronics can be recycled, timber can be recycled. all their doing is adding to an already existing problem.

        hurrrr dats rassis hurrr.

        People need to pull their heads out their asses.
        Anyone thats actually been to China knows it stinks like nothing else, you'll never forget the smell, a mix of old food, human waste and pollution. The fact that this was deemed the most appropriate way to deal with the 'contraband' one has to think what ways they deem appropriate to dispose of other hazardous waste.

        Hell they could of even sold the cabinets to Japan or another near by country and used the profit to help fund a gamblers help program.

    Mmmmmmm, PCBs, berlium and cadmium, the corner stones of any nutritious breakfast.

    Gambling is illegal in Mainland China but not Macau or Hong Kong

    Gambling is illegal in China? Chinese people are some of the biggest gamblers you'd ever see. Just go to Star City or Crown to see old Chinese ladies sit down, throw a few grand down and tip like rock stars. Ditto for Macau, Vegas and Hong Kong.

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