Windows Is The Biggest Threat To The Future Of PC Gaming

Windows Is The Biggest Threat To The Future Of PC Gaming

Hey, do you remember Blackberry? Remember how for years, every white-collar professional who worked in every office had to have one? And how they made consumer smartphones, that some people actually bought, and wanted to be all cool?

When I started work at the headquarters for a major media company in 2008, every executive had one. They were tied to them. By the time I left that company less than four years later, those executives mostly had iPhones (and the ones who didn’t had Android devices). That organisation was not atypical. By this year, the company behind Blackberry has all but folded, facing one financial disaster after another.

The company whose product once defined its entire class has fallen, lost under the waves of newer competitors who can do it sleeker and better. And even if the best, sleekest, fastest, most stylish Blackberry in the world were to hit store shelves tomorrow, it wouldn’t matter. The tide of popular conception has turned on the Blackberry. To see one is to start thinking of dinosaur jokes.

So why the parable about smartphones? Because I am beginning to worry that Microsoft, and Windows products, are in danger of pulling a Blackberry.

Windows 8 doesn’t need to kill Microsoft, and it doesn’t need to kill PC gaming. But it sure seems to be trying its hardest to. The newest version of the world’s most commonly-used operating system is set to launch on October 26. And so far, Microsoft has provided essentially no reason for anyone to upgrade.

Instead, major PC developers have expressed very deep, very public concerns. One after the next, they worry. The head of Stardock has described the killer problems in the OS. Blizzard execs are not thrilled with where Windows is heading in the future. Notch, of Minecraft fame, has cautioned that as it stands, Windows 8 could be very bad for indie developers. And most famously, and infamously, Gabe Newell of Valve said that Windows 8 “is a catastrophe for everyone in the PC space.”

Valve is putting their money where their mouth is. Steam already offers Mac OS support, in addition to Windows. They will soon be expanding to Linux, as a way to continue to hedge their bets. And just today, Valve announced that Steam will be expanding its store and platform to include non-gaming software, “to range from creativity to productivity.”

“Productivity” is a byword for business and office tools, the one area where Microsoft has remained unquestionably dominant so far. If Steam becomes a viable platform to bridge games and other software across multiple operating systems, Microsoft may have a large problem on its hands.

Meanwhile, the entire concept of the PC itself is coming under fire in the age of the rising tablet. For many of us, a keyboard is still not optional. Students and professionals need to be able to write, a lot, and 85+ wpm on a tablet just isn’t the same. But where fifteen years ago every household aimed to have the family desktop, these days that same household is more likely to hold a scattering of portable devices.

PC gaming finds itself in an excellent position at the moment, as the consoles with which it competes are showing their age. One solid desktop or even laptop is still the all-purpose device that can bridge the gap between console and phone. But the time of the PC, and especially the Windows PC, naturally dominating the landscape for all is ending.

As the 21st century marches on, Microsoft will have to actively woo both consumers and developers into using Windows platforms. Making Windows 8 into a blockier and more colourful iOS, accompanying tablet and all, might help them in some ways while it hurts them in others.

But now, whether or not Windows 8 is any good feels like something of a pointless question. The tide of public sentiment right now is against it. As of May, nearly half of users and companies were still holding on to Windows XP, and hadn’t even jumped to 7. That giant percentage of the market probably isn’t going to run out and buy upgrades in October. And the way Windows 8 looks at the moment, neither will I.

Microsoft stands poised right now to go one of two ways: either to continue their dominance, and in so doing to give customers some reason to choose their products, or to become another Blackberry. Personally, I really like assembling my own PC and I’ve never liked using any version of Mac OS, so I hope they don’t do the latter. I’m just amazed that we’ve hit the point where Windows is something I feel the need to cheer on — and where I worry it might be an underdog.


  • Something about this article just doesn’t seem to sit right with me. It says a lot, but not much is explained, most of it is just pure personal opinion.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but hmm….

    • I would suggest that it’s the lack of critical analysis.

      It’s on thing to say “Gabe doesn’t like Windows 8, so it’s bad”.

      It’s another to do some analysis of what’s going on.

      1. MS is trying to create an interlinked ecosystem (like Apple) between it’s OS, phone OS, and gaming systems. Not exactly a bad thing.
      2. MS is launching a brand new games and software app store with Windows 8, built in.
      3. Gabe currently runs a games app store.
      4. Gabe is looking to get into running a software app store as well.
      5. Windows 8 has the potential to massively impact on Steam in both areas.
      6. Gabe says that Windows 8 is terrible.

      It’s all corp speak. Stardock were also in the digi-distro business, so it’s not surprising that they’re complaining as well.

      Blizz have, which they’re trying hard to turn into “Blizzard App Store”. They won’t like it either.

      • The problem with the ecosystem is that if it moves down the iOS route once we get to windows 9-10 suddenly we can’t install games digitally unless they are purchased through MS.

        The threat here is that MS is trying to monetize their OS which is fine but the way they have to achieve it involves creating a more closed and restricted platform. There’s also the issue that they continue to force 360 centric content over PC stuff even on their PC store.

        MS is trying to squeeze the competing out of a platform that by default sUcceeda by having that market space

        Another contributing factor is that none of this is voluntary on the users end. Both Firefox and chrome have complained about te fact that MS is trying to push IE to annoying lengths even though it comes pre packaged.

        I don’t use windows because it’s a MS product like the 360 etc. I use it because its the easiest to get a wide range of programs to run without a lot of hassle.

        If something else comes along offering that without all the Side BS

        • hey bro, try linux :D? Yeah well as far as i see it windows8 is going to be a fun fresh feel, the reason i moved on from windowsxp to windows7 is because i can get networks up and running 10 times faster, life is great!

    • As soon as new AAA games (BF3, COD, etc) are available on Mac or Linux at the same time as windows . Bye-Bye Windows!!

    • Agreed. I think it started off really well with the comparison to Blackberry but then it just descended into detailed opinion to me. Some more comparisons with similiar things happening in other industries could have been interesting or even more factual data.

      I mean, he says a “giant percent of the market probably isn’t going to… and neither will I.” I guess the reader kind of knows why but it would have been nice to present a link or some anecdotes on why the mass market is turned off.

      It could also be that a morning of writing has made me too nitpicky…

    • Exactly.

      And with Valve digging around the Linux OS and seeing that it’s possible to get more FPS there than with Windows, i am not worried about Windows 8 being a failure.

    • until MS blocks all use of XP and a message pops up saying “you must upgrade to windows 8″……oh, crap..did I give MS an idea?

      • legally they cant do that its against the law so they wont, however some new hardware which businesses will eventually need may force them to upgrade to at least windows 7

  • Have Microsoft publically addressed any of this criticism from game developers? It would be interesting to know what their stance is on all this, I would hope they come out and proactively work with game dev’s to make Win8 a more attractive option, my fear is Micrsoft’s gaming focus is on the xbox and are not phased by dev’s jumping ship on windows development though they’d be shooting themselves in the foot by thinking that.

    • Why would MS worry? They have 90% of the market and if games companies would rather sell to a single digit market share, that will be their downfall.

      • Wow you really would drink your own cool aid. Games are the only reason I use windows.

        Without games windows would be a buggy, virus ridden, piece of expensive failware.

        Can’t wait for the rise of quality linux gaming!

  • “As of May, nearly half of users and companies were still holding on to Windows XP, and hadn’t even jumped to 7”

    Not sure how that is a point against Win8.
    Actually there is an upgrade path from WinXP -> Win8. There was never one for WinxP -> Win7 which was a large reason why businesses didnt upgrade to Win7.

    • The point against Win8 is, that these users and companies hadn’t even upgraded to the current version of Windows, which is Windows 7. So how do you expect them to upgrade to Windows 8, especially considering Win8’s UI has drastically changed?

      And there was an upgrade path from XP -> Win7. I should know because I did it. Yes you need to perform basically a clean install but you can do it, the Win7 upgrade recognises an XP install as being valid. So while it’s not an “upgrade” in the traditional sense (installing over the top of the old version), it still works. I’d argue actually that if you’re going to install a new OS you are better off doing a clean install anyway.

      • I’m also not sure how valid the point about windows 7 is.
        I would think a lot of business’s have plans to move to win 7 already. But besides the numerous hours of testing to be done (which for many I’m sure is in progress), the biggest problem facing big businesses is that since Vista was so terrible, big business has grown accustomed to purchasing computers for their business fleet that meets XP specs.
        Over time, this has in all likelihood meant some savings, but now, it means you have basically none of your fleet actually capable of running windows 7, which is a more immediate cost issue for companies than the testing.

        Windows 8 isn’t going to make a crappy pc fleet less crappy, and with XP going away big business will already have to be planning for Win 7. There’s not enough time to wait for 8.

          • If 8 doesn’t look good, yes, they will just go to 7 and wait until 7 gets closer to the date support ends for it and wait for something better.

        • You do realise that Vista was Windows 6.0 and Win7 is Windows 6.1. i.e. Win7 is hardly any different to Vista, so if Vista was “so terrible”, its hard to see that Win7 is any better. In my experience it is measurably worse. OTOH, Win8 is the best thing to happen to Windows since they moved to the NT kernel after WinME.

        • I just got a Windows 7 PC at work 2 months ago – my first work PC that was not XP in over 10 years!

          • Similar for me, I’ve only just last week noticed uni is starting to test Windows 7 on a few computers, hopefully rolling out to more soon. I don’t see much hope in them bringing Win8 to the fleet any time soon.

      • Win8’s UI has hardly changed at all. The Start Button is missing but everything else is exactly the same. The change from XP to Vista was much, much bigger than the change to Win8.

  • I don’t understand, a lot of PC games these days are just crappy xbox ports anyway, now that there is xbox live integration in the OS, wouldnt this make it easier for them to keep feeding us the crappy xbox ports?

    • I am more worried about the G4WL equivalent on Windows8 than the porting job some developers might do…… LOL

      • Windows8 might actually turn G4WL into something palatable if it is as integrated as xbox live is on the 360. Having it as part of the operating system will make it easier to manage the link between the software and the service and theoretically ports from Xbox360 would require little to no changes to them to work with G4WL compared to what is currently required.

  • People always hate change, a lot of people didn’t know why you would use a desktop instead of the tried and true text menu system. I think it’s a little sad that so many companies are still using XP, I’ve found 7 to be pretty damn good, the only downside is it uses a lot of memory.

    I feel that Microsoft wouldn’t do this without good reason, and when it come out plenty of people will praise it, and all the people that don’t will continue on using XP.

    • Youre simplifying the matter a bit too much.

      Sure people hate change. But not as much as the work that comes from rewriting the codes to make it work with new OSes. Or teaching tech illiterate users that their document list is now somewhere else. And thats just the lowest common denominator.

      If Valve AND Blizzard, possibly the most well entrenched and/or biggest _PC_ game developer/platform, didnt like what they saw. What does it say about the industry’s confidence overall?

      There are reasons why people are wary. And youre just scratching it off using one of the oldest paradigm.

      • If you’re talking about the Metro interface, you can turn that off easily – then it’s just a fancy Windows 7.

        Not too hard.

        • Nevertheless, one of these days they will need to turn it on if they were to start using Win8 apps? But again – thats the cost of change. Some may lament the day that they have to pay for it and drag their feet. The option helps to delay the inevitable. Trivial as it may be. (Though not as trivial as the FB redesign debacle…blah)
          Im more worried about the confidence level again. Some people high up there saw something – and they did not like it. One reason or another.

          The point on having more competition gets brought up regularly – but again… this is Microsoft that we’re talking about. And we probably know what they do to competitions. Especially – the ones running on their OS.

          • Why would you want to start using Win8 apps? If iOS, Android, WP7 and current Win8 apps are anything to go by, a good bunch of browser bookmarks/favourites will do just as well.

        • You can’t turn off the Metro UI (or the UI formally known as Metro). It’s there and you’ll need to use it whether you like it or not as it replaces the start menu.

        • You cannot turn the “Metro interface” off. You can do all your work from the desktop and completely ignore all the new stuff but you can’t turn it off.

      • It says nothing about the industry overall. It only says what Valve and Blizzard think. Two developers. Two big developers, granted, but you can’t extrapolate their opinion across the whole industry.

        • Two big developers that have the biggest stake on the PC/Laptop platform as they mostly operate within the PC/Laptop space and minimal activity/involvement on the console/touch device space. If anything they should be praising Microsoft for their great work in Windows 8 – instead of denouncing it. THAT… worries me.

          True, i cant extrapolate their opinions yet (if ever), but the trend so far seems to manage to chime in and follow the trend. We cant prove eitheror but the trend points as such, thus far. Mayhaps we’ll see more game devs supporting the platform – but for now – i can see none (that concerns me anyways).

          • What worries me more is the fact people are listening to the likes of valve and blizzard who have a vested interest in some of the changes being made (ie app store). Of course they are going to denounce it….

        • Two developers that try to exist on the forefront of technology if the front runners don’t like the way things are going. Why would the assorted businesses an the like that have even less benefit in upgrading want to do so.

          Enough people complained about the change from word 03 to word 07 an they were in the grand scheme of things minor changes compared to the change between the OS people have now to win 8

  • I remember when XP came out and a bunch of people I know were complaining about the look of it, because of the colours and the more rounded edged windows. But they eventually moved to it and understood how much better it was.

    Why do I get a bit of the same feeling here?

  • I wish this author explained WHY they (and other companies) shared the opinion that Windows 8 is bad for gamers, especially indie gamers. Without it, the rest of the speculation has no context and just seems a bit unsubstantial.

    • That’d be nice. I’ve seen a few articles so far about people being concerned about Win8 and I’m still not sure WHY they seem so against it. I mean from everything I’ve read before it still has the regular desktop mode alongside the Metro mode, and the idea of being forced to use Metro on a desktop is the only thing that seems concerning to me?

      • from what I understand it isn’t a ‘Desktop mode’ as much as it is a ‘Desktop Emulation app’ that you launch from the Metro interface. everything goes through the Metro interface.

        • Wrong, on so many levels. The “desktop mode” is the EXACT same as the Win7 desktop; it’s still explorer.exe. Desktop doesn’t run on top of Metro, Metro runs on top of Desktop. METRO. IS. A. START. SCREEN. Nothing else. Every single one of my programs runs the same, if not better, on Win8 as it does Win7.

  • Windows 8 has me worried. I don’t see any reason to get it, it just strikes me as a shittier version of 7. It looks like a decent OS for phones but that doesn’t mean it should be the norm for computers too.

    It’ll make Vista look like the good old days.

    • Actually Win8 is a super tweaked Win7. Everything under the hood is more fine tuned to give users more power and consume less resources. Everyone keeps looking at Metro as this “interface” to replace it all, but its a new option – one designed to bring a unified experience across all its platforms.

      Putting that aside MS has also spent a lot of time on the engines graphical capabilities. When put side by side in a Win7 vs Win8 competition, Win8 should perform better thanks to this and all the optimization tweaks.

      Vista was and still is a GOOD OS. Most issues vista encountered were around the huge overhead the OS required and lack of support and drivers from 3rd parties. I for one used it on all 3 of my systems – never once did I have an issue with the OS, in fact it ran better than XP and had to format the system far less than XP too.

  • As far as Microsoft is concerned, they can rely on the Xbox series to hold gamers.They’ll keep turning Windows into a business/productivity system so long as people keep buying Microsoft’s dedicated gaming systems. They’re quite happy to kill PC gaming as long if it’s what it takes to turn a profit from their console gaming efforts.

  • You say Windows 8 is a threat to PC gaming in the headline, yet nowhere in the story do you explain why that is. You only link to other people talking about Windows 8 and even then I don’t get how you draw your conclusions. The Stardock ceo says Windows 8 is ‘schizophrenic’ because of the start screen, it forces app to be ‘full screen’ and has ‘usability problems’. Where’s death of gaming in that? Oh lawdy, I’ll never be able to game on this PC again! Killer problems indeed!

    Even Newell’s main reason for saying Windows 8 is a ‘catastrophe’ is something about margins being destroyed. Maybe you should write a piece about the context of those remarks, because the context isn’t given. How will PC gaming drop dead? Steam will still be around on Windows 8, microsoft also has it’s own store like the Mac App Store and will sell games and apps. Has gaming died on the Mac? I think it’s growing if anything.

    Any sort of reason as to why you believe PC gaming is being threatened in a big way would be useful to edit into this article.

    • “Any sort of reason as to why you believe PC gaming is being threatened in a big way would be useful to edit into this article.”

      I don’t see a single reason given in the article for Win8 being a threat to gaming. Sure, it’s a threat to Valve’s business model – but competition is good, right? Sure, the interface takes some getting used to but who the hell is playing StarCraft II in a window? IIRC I bought Minecraft through a browser, and I buy Humble Indie Bundles the same way. Guess what? Win8 has a browser, and I can use my portable Chrome if I want.

      • The term, to kill the golden goose, comes to mind here. Sure its all well and good. But on the flipside you cant blame them for getting pissed off by it.

  • “no reason to upgrade”? The Win8 development blog has talked about increased 3D and 2D performance. Anecdotes I’ve heard have acknowledged that the Metro interface is a departure from the norm, but useable. There will be an App store like OSX but that hasn’t stopped Steam on that platform. I think Blizzard and Valve are only wary of MS baking in a competitor to their services. Not that I begrudge them that.

    But this FUD over Win8 lacks depth. Flesh out your opinion, please kotaku. This is nothing.

    • Wow, someone who is informed on what Win8 actually brings to the table rather than bitching about a new UI element and jumping on the bandwagon of hate..

      I salute you sir! Shame it wont stop people from still using XP, Vista and Win7 claiming its “better”

      • People talking about how its not a big deal if they haven’t used it are just as bad as those saying its shit without having used it.

        I personally think the UI is worse than 7 after using it for a week now. Mostly in the same way 7 was worse than XP.

        They seem to have made things that used to take 2 clicks now take 5-7 clicks for no reason I can see other than only having to make 1 OS for 2 systems.

        I put a disc in to install a game on the weekend and it pops up with a menu saying Tap to bring up the auto play menu and I thought, surely you mean click right? Then after that it brings up the menu asking if i want to install the game or simply browse the CD.

        In windows 7 it didn’t have this pointless step, it just brought up the auto play menu right away.

        I just hope they don’t lock Direct X 12 into Windows 8 to force an upgrade.

        • Autoplay is a massive, massive security hazard and is the reason why you get so many viruses that spread via USB etc. I’ll shed no tears to see it disabled by default.

          • But it isn’t disabled, it just puts a pointless box in front of it you have to click before bringing up the old windows 7 screen anyway.

            Its not auto playing, it is bringing up the box that asks what you want to do with the files on the removable media.

        • If that’s the worst example you have, its hardly going to kill the user experience, is it? And, of course, if you’d set up your autoplay rules you would not have had to do anything at all because, unlike XP, Win7 and Win8 actually remember and apply them.

  • Valve: Win8 presents a competitor to their digital distribution service, especially since they plan to move into the general software market as well.

    Notch: Has a habit of spouting off while being grossly uninformed. Remember when he called the guys from Euclideon “snake oil salesmen”?

    Katie Cox: Let’s say you don’t use metro at all, ever. As soon as you boot up, you go to traditional desktop, and stay there the entire time. Everything you want to use is pinned to taskbar or desktop.

    Windows 8 still presents a massive list of reasons to upgrade: Massively improved boot times, UEFI support, file transfer management, improved task manager, faster draw times on GUIs through DX integration, better (eventually driverless) printer support, built in USB3 drivers, native mounting of ISO and VHD files.

    Windows 8 is literally everything in Windows 7 + Good stuff for desktop + the Start Screen.
    The only exception is that the old start menu has been removed, because it was redundant. If you miss it, though, there are already 3rd party solutions to bring it back in, so problem solved.

    On to the windows store: It’s for WinRT (metro) apps only. This excludes basically all games. The purpose of this store is to have an easy to use means of searching and installing programs that are guaranteed to be safe to use. It is aimed at the people who don’t want to have to innately know what is and isn’t safe to install. As someone who has to constantly fix relatives computers, this is great. “Only install programs from the store”. Done.

    • The Windows Store will also allow for the avalanche of mundane casual crap that will be ported from IOS and Android to make Microsoft some cash. And I say good luck to them as well, I know I will be getting Win 8 and most likely a Surface tablet

  • The actual idea of Windows 8 isn’t the problem in my opinion. Whether it’s shitty, or amazing, who cares. It will make little difference on its success IMO. What is killing it is all these industry figures labeling it as a bad choice, and then those opinions being passed along to the retarded masses and the retarded masses saying “Oh I’ve heard Windows 8 will be a bad OS, I’m just gonna go with the flow and get a Mac instead”. I don’t really think Windows 8 will be a detriment to anyone, but that won’t matter, the popularity contests will make it inferior. You know what I mean. I’ve seen people go into Harvey Norman, ask for a new desktop, who clearly don’t have any kind of decent knowledge about computers or OSs, and say “God, whatever you do, it can’t have Windows Vista”, just because they “heard that it’s horrible”.

    I hate that analysis as much as you do, I hope I’m not right and that Windows 8 will become a leading OS, but it probably won’t, given that people in the industry are giving it such a hard time before it has even been released.

    • Very much agree. I have not used Windows 8 as yet, not do I know anyone who has, but the general consensus is “its garbage”, because someone else said so. I am more than happy to try it out before I pass judgement.

      • Just grab the Consumer Preview! My Win8 test machine has become my “daily drive” – I use it mostly in Desktop mode, but there are quite a few neat features. Also Office 2013 rocks.

  • So…

    Blackberry: Revolutionary device that made it’s company an enourmous amount of money by creating the smartphone market from nothing. Eventually crushed by similarly revolutionary product.

    I really don’t see the parallels to windows at all. If they do a good job, they will provide a product that everyone will want to buy and use and made a lot of money. The platform will see a renaissance after years of dominance by well-structured console markets.

    This is bad for Valve, and Stardock both of whom enjoy profits from distribution platforms. Trusting them is like listening to oil barons talking about renewable energy.

    • This is bad for Valve, and Stardock both of whom enjoy profits from distribution platforms. Trusting them is like listening to oil barons talking about renewable energy.


  • Dear Microsoft,

    I have used your products over the years, we’ve had our ups and downs … but if you fuck up and a Mac based system is a more viable option for my gaming needs, I will be pissed off.

    • A Mac based system is only going to be more viable if you want it to be (and even then, probably not). Everything that runs in Windows 7 still runs in Windows 8. Nothing’s changing in that regard.

      • not exactly true… at least in the last public beta there were massive issues with opengl and other things… yes it could be drivers… but i’m pretty sure it was OS related… windows 8 will work with most things… but i wouldn’t say all…

        • Windows 8 is based on Windows 7’s kernel so I’ll be very surprised if applications and games built for Windows 7 don’t work at all on Windows 8.

          • Yes but you are thinking with normal logic, not computer logic.

            Going from just 10.7 to 10.8 on OSX killed a massive amount of applications. I cant see why the same wouldn’t happen on Windows. It is mostly small apps but being based on something doesn’t guarantee any form of compatibility.

          • Except of course he is absolutely correct. I haven’t come across any incompatible software yet on Windows 8.

          • I will eat my hat if EVERY single piece of dinky little software written for Windows 7 works flawlessly on Windows 8.

            If you use applications that are mainstream or well maintained or Apps that weren’t coded by idiots then I’m sure you wont come across many issues.

          • The only software that I have that won’t run on Windows 8 Release Preview is Autodesk Combustion, which was EOL’d 18 months ago and hadn’t been updated since 2007. Even then, it is the authorisation process that’s broken (which is probably about IE 10, not Windows itself). The software worked perfectly for the 14 day trial period. Every other application I’ve installed, from Adobe CS4 to Synapse Audio Orion, works perfectly. Same with my peripherals, including USB audio devices and MIDI controllers. Everything works, even tiny little utilities like KnobMan, ancient stuff like EnergyXT 1.5 (which is 6 or more years old) and weird stuff like ASIO4all. It really isn’t much different to Vista/Win7, much less so than Vista/Win7 were to WinXP.

  • The day Steam is stable on Ubuntu is the day I edit my boot order in Grub. I like Windows 7, but the glitches are the straw. Where’s the consistency Microsoft?!

  • Looking forward to win 8. Great to use, only reason I’m not using it currently is the office beta doesn’t work on beta products (consumer preview). Great upgrade from win7 IMHO.

      • Good to know, may of been the build i was using. When i tried there was a message saying that it would not work with preview operating systems.

        Either way, soon as the final build is on MSDN I will be installing it 🙂

  • As someone who only in last 6 months upgraded from vista(don’t laugh) to Win7 because I only upgrade my OS when I buy a new PC every 2-3 years I am not ready to move on from 7.
    The problem is I had on OEM version of vista with no cheap(less than $200-300) upgrade path, as my win7 is OEM I am in this boat again.
    Besides anyone who upgrades to a new windows before waiting for a service pack is playing Russian roulette anyway.

  • win8 isn’t a threat to the future of gaming…its the next stage in the evolution of gaming… all you have to do is look at the IOS app store …. angry birds has made how much money selling a 1$ game? Notch’s comment was grossly misinformed… all the indie devs have to do is make a game…for the microsoft app store…or android…or IOS…that’s where the mass market is…tablet apps…WP8 apps and even simply pc apps…and for any AAA games , they will still be able to run on win8 no worries…they dont have to worry about having touch capacities or anything extra like that…just make the game to run like normal and the blizzards of the world will find that their games run even better on win8 pcs

  • The Biggest Threat To The Future Of PC Gaming are the lazy Dev’s making console ports and releasing buggy games.

  • Microsoft makes a solid OS, then a useless one, Solid once, useless one. 98 Solid > ME Shit > XP Solid > Vista Shit > 7 Solid > 8 Shit. Just wait it out.

    • Fact: Vista was actully good, it had a much larger overhead which caused older systems to have issues (Which MS also advised everyone systems over 2 years old probably wont run vista) and the fact that device manufacturers had 12+ months to submit drivers for certification but none did as they saw an opportunity to sell new hardware to consumers and increase there profit.

      Vista on every one of my rigs has run better and more stable than XP. Only OS ive had more issues with than XP is Win 3.11

  • Love how so many people who haven’t used win8 have so much to say. I found it to be very stable, compatible and blindingly fast. I can start-up my window 8 box faster than I can shut down my windows 7.

    As for the developer tools, Visual Studio 11/12 is awesome, live debugging, on the fly editing and makes coding faster and more enjoyable. I really hope it is an Apple killer because lets face it Apple have gotten greedy and lost it ability to revolutionise.

    • I found myself running into this issue pretty often:

      Open browser, it then becomes the icon at the furthest left of the task bar. Open a different program. Tried to click back to browser and constantly bring up the start menu by accident.

      Also what is the point of the games menu on the main page? As far as I can tell its to get you to buy Xbox games and DLC? And they think this should be a big box called games on the front page?

      When I clicked it I was expecting that’s where I would find Solitaire.

      I agree that the under the hood stuff is better but give me one example of why the new UI is BETTER.

      • That is where you get Solitaire, although it is a direct link to the store page so a little doubling up there. This is on RTM mind you.

  • I’d like to point out that Valve isn’t putting its money where its mouth is… if it was it would remove windows 8 support from Steam.

  • I like how Notch feels as though he can voice his opinion on everything as though he has any idea. Did anyone play Minecraft before the insane amount of patches? That thing was (as still is to some extent) one of the buggiest games I’ve ever played. One game that hit niche popularity doesn’t make you an authority.

  • The article has no content. Its all personal opinion and the opinions of others. Even the title holds no ground. Windows 8 wont be a threat to PC gaming, if people dont like the platform they will simply choose another. Linux is still a PC is it not? Windows 8 MAY be the thing that bites Microsoft the hardest in the gaming industry but MS screws up often enough for most people to realise they always seem to land on their feet somehow. WIndows ME was a horrible disaster, Games for Windows or what ever that horrible service is called is just that… horrible. They are still here, still releasing software, hardware and other IP that is sometimes worth the money you pay and sometimes not. This is MY personal opinion, MS will shoot it self in the foot if it releases W8 and not change a few things on release however it wont be a death shot it will simply cost them a share of the market and some dollars.

    • Why would it? The things these idiots are complaining about have actually made iOS a gaming powerhouse, so why would it be different for MS with Win8? These guys are just whining because it opens the up to more competition.

  • All the negative comments you cite contain one very important word – “if”. They are all concerned about MS “locking down” sales so that you have to purchase through their store. Obviously that has been an unmitigated disaster for Apple.
    But MS aren’t doing what these guys are worried about, they are allowing anyone to sell software outside the Store. e.g. PaintShop Pro is in the Windows Store but you must follow a link to Corel’s website to purchase it. AFAIK, that will apply to all desktop software applications but Metro apps will be sold directly through the store. So if games companies are worried about selling their products, they can just make desktop versions, EXACTLY as they do now. It is yet another beat-up that damages the credibility of those reporting upon it.

  • I saw pics of the Win8 and Gnome3 developers doing lines of PCP out of a strippers cooch on TMZ.

    Actually, it wasn’t out of a stripper’s cooch, it was off a mythical desktop replacement tablet.

    Things became much clearer to me.

  • I dont think windows 8 seems that bad.. i kinda like it. Initially I thought it was crappy, but its really not that different.

    Gabe is only bad mouthing it as they want to look into making their own operating system as far as i can tell. With integrating nongaming software into the steam store, thats one of many indications that thats the route they want to take

  • I am supremely confident that windows 8 will not spell the end of pc dominance, because if there’s anything that the xp-vista-7 age has taught us, it’s that MS can bounce back from an absolutely horrid OS, pull their shit together and put together something great.

    Bring on windows 9.

  • I would like to state that the comments in the original artical are NOT opinion. If you do some reseach on the feed back from users who have used the Win8 preview and some reading on the absolute MORONIC actions and behaviour of Steve Bahlmer. You’ll see that there are good grounds for all the authors positions.

    He ignored mobile.
    He ignored the cloud.
    He ignored social.
    He ignored tablets.

    He’s runs MS from a business perspective not a product perspective. How many YEARS did it take them to get IE working to an acceptable standard? And does any intelligent user who isn’t your grandmother use it today? of course not.

    WIN8 will be a disaster. They are planning to fix it with Win9 but by that point who will care? iOS is almost dominant now. Chromebox is coming up fast. if I could get off windows and onto something else with the same functionality I would be gone in a heartbeat.

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